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Have a sad Olimar this fine Tuesday morning. He got scared and ran, didn't realize his were unable to keep up until it was too late for them :(

Ahh I wrote screen reader captions for these last few drawings, and just realized they were not added for some reason :')

Oh well, hopefully next time it'll work!!!

Last of the art I forgot to post! These are two OCs. Some sisters, that Captain Charlie decided to adopt. They're quite the handful! Their names are Marigold and Rosie, shown here wearing flower crowns of the other's namesake!

Older art I forgot to post here! Its one of my dragons, Howeler! He has no lore yet, he just a cowboy .

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I realized I never posted this updated picture of me here? So here's me, mothman birdfolk
#furry #otherkin #mothman

I found a mobile app version of but it's not made by the original developers and it shows... Has given me nothing but issues, but also all other mobile drawing apps have pretty much turned into means of shoving ads down your throat.

I'm unable to draw with a computer atm. I'm at a total loss of what to do rip

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The last one in the big batch of ArtFight attacks I did. Black watercolor doesn't photograph or scan well, but I promise this looks good and normal in real life.
Orin belongs to Camille on ArtFight!

ArtFight Profile:
Art Commissions Open:

Just some screenshots :>

... That Bird Wing statue ended up much larger than I anticipated or even planed for. But it still looks pretty cool!

I'm new here so an is in order!

I'm a hobbiest artist in college, working to a communications degree!

is my favorite thing ever so expect a lot of posts about it. I also like to make art and fan art for And I go by they/them :>

Here's a few of my artworks! Most certainly cross-posted from my Tumblr and FurAffinity. I'll have my carrd in my bio, which is just a hub of links to other sites I post to regularly.


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