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Did I never do an intro? lmao.
✌️ yo call me Grimm I go by they/them if I don't know you well. Never call me a guy ever tho please.

I'm uh??? Digital art hell and I draw like 99% self insert and 1% actual ocs. I want to keep pillbugs and raise moths. I'm also into vulture culture but I can only possess resin skulls with a 9 month old Golden Pyredoodle who likes to eat everything in sight lmao.

I also uhh. Play video games! and never shut up. ever. I'm hitting the character limit bye folks lmao

THE GRIM. Soul Void is really good I promise. (It's got a lot of unsettling horror-related stuff just a heads up)
CW: Horror-related imagery in the art. Unsettling faces, tongues, eye contact, and LOTS of teeth.

I made 3 versions of the same thing because I couldn't settle on how I wanted to draw him. The Grim is an absolute bastard but his design SLAPS.

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Trying to draw something for myself at least once a month

Gotta love how the stimulus check is not going to the people who actually NEED it, such as disabled people who live with their parents, college students, and a bunch of other people (: I am going to fucking die

I may do another one of these but I this one turned out....

teaching myself how to animate via self indulgent rp stuff. WIP.

I love this man even if he's kicked my ass more times than I can count.

don't think im gonna finish this but here's an experiment of sketching with a different brush than usual

get his ass kris

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Alcari is here to be gay and do crime and she was paid to do the crime.

i'm drawing a lesbian dog and no one can stop me

Fake VHS art! 1st one involves an oc of starflethegreat on tumblr, second one was part of an art trade w/ undeaddarude on tumblr!

CW: Blood. That's it.
Oh my god I'm finally fucking done. Images are with text and without text.

Instagram banned me for having a VPN so that was something.

Hi welcome to "soft body physics on blender are mean" ft. admiral razorbeard

My RP ended up going really deep so I went ham on this. Werewolf Character got attacked by my friend's version of frankenstien's monster. Werewolf gave him a reminder that you need silver to take them down. CW: Blood, body horror, fire, possibly gore? Partial nudity too.

So I learned that I shouldn't. Have tea on cramp week.
I drank 5 glasses of tea at the resturaunt we went to. within 2 minutes the jitters kicked in. I have adhd and autism. the "calms you down" doesn't work on me from adhd.

I get home. Jitters are there but now it's heavy dissociation. I'm vibrating, have to talk About Everything to everyone within sight, but also can't remember what i did 3 seconds ago.

I think i'm going to die

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