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Did I never do an intro? lmao.
✌️ yo call me Grimm I go by they/them if I don't know you well. Never call me a guy ever tho please.

I'm uh??? Digital art hell and I draw like 99% self insert and 1% actual ocs. I want to keep pillbugs and raise moths. I'm also into vulture culture but I can only possess resin skulls with a 9 month old Golden Pyredoodle who likes to eat everything in sight lmao.

I also uhh. Play video games! and never shut up. ever. I'm hitting the character limit bye folks lmao

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Have you ever enjoyed my work and thought 'man, I want something like that'? My Ko-Fi is now set up for commissions! You can own one of my illustrations! Tubular.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #commissions #kofi

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For those curious about how tall Mega-Sylveon is compared to a regular Sylveon 🎀🎗

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stop using musical numbers as an excuse to stare at your wife's ass

Sorry I haven't been active much!! Depression happened

my new addiction is making animatics for my favorite covers or songs and then posting them unlisted so only like 4 ppl can see my constant stream of self ship. anyway this is how far i've gotten on nonsense speaker tonight jdkhgd

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Neither of these are the most amazing things ever, and definitely showcase my shortcomings as an artist but... I'm still proud of them.

Doing lineless on one fucking layer was a MISTAKE

Needle and medical situation possibility. Show more

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[Cw: painted blood/gore]
Då i vårt mörka hus~
Stiger med tända ljus~
Sankta , Sankta Lucia~

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