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Did I never do an intro? lmao.
✌️ yo call me Grimm I go by they/them if I don't know you well. Never call me a guy ever tho please.

I'm uh??? Digital art hell and I draw like 99% self insert and 1% actual ocs. I want to keep pillbugs and raise moths. I'm also into vulture culture but I can only possess resin skulls with a 9 month old Golden Pyredoodle who likes to eat everything in sight lmao.

I also uhh. Play video games! and never shut up. ever. I'm hitting the character limit bye folks lmao

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[Cw: painted blood/gore]
Då i vårt mörka hus~
Stiger med tända ljus~
Sankta , Sankta Lucia~

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Fire, blood, cuts, and a knife. Show more

hanahaki and very sketchy doodle gore Show more

when u tryin to draw but the anxiety halucinations that u thought left 3 years ago are now back and being fucking awful as usual

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A spooky egg.

;3 you might have seen this big boi making his rounds #pokemon #gengar #teeth #neoncolors

There's uh, reference to intense bodyhorror and mutation regarding parasites? Show more

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this lineart experiment is called: I am sacrificing my spinal cord

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I added a background on an older piece, but now I'm not sure what I prefer

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Morning! :blobpeek: Just remembered that I should add this minotaur-doodle I did a few days back :D #sfw #minotaur #mastoart #art #digitalsketch

rant time (nsfw mention and capslock!) Show more

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TERFs are blocked server wide from ever interacting with this server upon reported so no need to individually block/mute - report. Support [=], & everyone 🏳️‍🌈.

TERF - Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) - you might be a TERF if:

Please feel free to read & support others & y/our community.

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you wouldn't download a government 😏

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Got an iPad for work and of course hat to try out Procreate with the Apple Pencil. :D It's fun! Sadly this lady has a look on her face as if she's high or something.. ^^°

I'm currently hyperfixated on Villainous so it's going to be 100% self insert spam.....dkjfh

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