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I have a Ko-fi! Help me save up for my new art laptop!

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Did I never do an intro? lmao.
✌️ yo call me Grimm I go by they/them if I don't know you well. Never call me a guy ever tho please.

I'm uh??? Digital art hell and I draw like 99% self insert and 1% actual ocs. I want to keep pillbugs and raise moths. I'm also into vulture culture but I can only possess resin skulls with a 9 month old Golden Pyredoodle who likes to eat everything in sight lmao.

I also uhh. Play video games! and never shut up. ever. I'm hitting the character limit bye folks lmao

Eyestrain (unfocused lines), bright colors, many eyes (where they shouldn't be), teeth, glitchy, nudity with no parts

Tutorial for how I do my glitchy effects on lineart! Ft. my rude sonic OC

Arsonphobia TW 

Friend jokingly called my shadow lugia gijinka Black Hat so I just rolled with it.
Characters pictured: my pokesona as a gijinka, Ashton(Scyther), and Valrien (Shadow Lugia)

The price of disobedience.
I'm doing screenshot redraws with my characters over maplestory shots. Why? I love both.

I will make an animation for you idiots...soon...
Aria and the Investigator!

HhHHhoouugh she existed before Morpho Knight but damn, I hit coincidences a lot huh

I'm stuck on my mouse until my replacement cord comes so pixel art time. Smiley boys and some bleps.

So this guy appeared in my dream night before last.
He also appeared in my friends dream involving me months ago.
Who the fuck is this dream man and why is he pestering me in both instances what the fu

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BIG NEWS!!! Starting this summer, I'll be interning at Cartoon Network!!! I'm so excited and I can't wait!!!

Guess who "animated" again !!
Characters depicted are my characters. Ves (plague doctor mask) and James Nox (the prince stuck in a chair)

There's needles and injections for a few frames later in the song just a heads up.

I have a Ko-fi! Help me save up for my new art laptop!

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