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I guess it's high time for a fresh toot for the new members. I'm an Eritrean-American graphic novelist whose lifetime project is finally getting published next year. Here are a few samples:

Pantheon finally enters meatspace! Looks and feels professional. Ordered over 200 copies for the upcoming Emerald City Comic con, will be hawking at my booth this Thursday till Sunday. :blobnom:

I will post the Amazon link in a few days.

Finally got my own business card. Now I can stop using the "just ran out" excuse ☺️

Amazing tribute by Marianovella Sinicropi!

Feels like you just wanna pinch her cheeks and tell her how cute she is, before she smashes your brains in if you were lucky.

I'm very proud of the colors by Sinicropi with this double splash page. Truly captures the diverse nature of the characters: 😍

This is the opening page of Chapter 3, Volume I of Pantheon, colored by the brilliant Sajid. 😍

the latest and greatest from the House of Pantheon (Chapter 3, where Kaeli visits Teotihuacan, the City of the gods for the first time).

Page 14 progress. Added several more big names, but somehow I decided to group the French philosophers in the upper half and the German thinkers in the lower half. 🤔

Today's progress on the opening page of the Heterodyssey. Kaeli is weighing her options with the dual scythes of time

A gang of bloodthirsty philosophers attack Kaeli and Schopenhauer!
Sketching a splash page for chapter 2

New colors by Nicole Serra! Kaeli lifts the ancient hammer of Thor, causing her outfit to transform into full godly regalia for the first time.

Pencils for page 2 of the second chapter of the Heterodyssey. Kaeli experiments with the newly acquired scythe of Saturn, with unexpected results

I am currently contacting fellow artists to see if they would contribute to the fan art gallery in my upcoming graphic novel, Pantheon. For more, please contact me and I'll fill you in. 😀

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