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๐Ÿ‘พ Forgot to introduce myself!! Hello! My name is Elijah, I'm 19 and I draw cartoons and especially sonic. I love werewolves and I'm going to study animation in Maine ๐Ÿ‘พ

Hi, I'm Buns!

I'm still new in this community haha so I don't have a lot of stuff still. Nice to meet you all!

old moomin study from 2018....still like this one a lot

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hi! I'm moon (or bee) and I'm a 20 year old healthcare worker with a dream to someday become a professional artist! my commissions are open, and all the info can be found on my profile!
i love to draw cute girls in cartoon styles, and i like things that pop!

:da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: :da_la: ok the fact this place has old deviantart emojis makes me so hapy

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