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My name's Ashley! I'm a freelance illustrator/character designer currently making a webcomic called "The Pirate Checklist"!

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I'm open for commissions!!!
I'll draw pretty much anything that is sfw.

Email me at if you're interested!

January 11th!
Satyr brothers. The bankers are back in town.
I've had Chad since... 2007 I think? Finnegan was a later installment, but I love them both a lot.

Taking Ko-fi sketch commissions! πŸ‘‰

'Eyyyy if anyone would like their character drawn for my daily sketches, I'm open for ko-fi commissions! I could definitely use some financial support right now.


Thanks for looking!

Sorry for flooding these all at once! I'll try to get better at posting these on-time

January 9th
Whenever I can't think of what to draw I'll randomly generate a color scheme and a character to go with it. Today we have my zombie opossum (Who needs a better name) and a Sam!

Maybe Alynne as a dragon was a bad idea.
Shout out to my friend Ray for giving me some suggestions for Gruff's design! (Top-left)

I am so behind on posting here, sorry about that!
January 4th I did some practice sketches for my assigned dragon for the "Thanks Spyro!" Zine!

January 2nd
I decided against strictly posting these to Patreon, as I need to build up my social media presence first.

I'm gonna start posting my daily sketches for $1 patrons over on Patreon!
They'll also get to suggest/request/prompt sketches as well πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€

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Gonna push myself to sketch something every day this year! Here was yesterday's.
Revamp designs for my ex-assassin Gabrielle and the giant goofy Woodsman, Walz.

I just uploaded a new character pose sheet to my patreon!
Patrons of the $5 tier or higher will get an exclusive look at this image before I release it elsewhere. If you'd like to help support the comic please check it out and consider becoming a patron -> …

Tavern keeper Winnie for !!!
She'll be coming up in the next chapter of my webcomic "The Pirate Checklist", which will debut next year!

Most excited crew member -> Least excited.

I THINK I FINALLY HAVE VICTOR DOWN. He's a personal favorite of mine and I'm excited for when he makes his debut.... in chapter 3 :'D

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NOW THAT SHE'S HERE, The latest pages from "The Pirate Checklist" have been illustrated by my good friend @Rayish!!! PLEASE GO FOLLOW HER, her art is top-notch πŸ‘Œ

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