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I suppose I should also do an here. I'm an American artist that draws a lot of cute characters. Most of which are furry. I'm not the type to respond all too often (shy), so don't feel discouraged if I don't reply!

I've been working on several projects for some time now such as: Redd Manor (a possible dating sim involving the undead), HALL (a quest I've hosted on tgChan), and BLANK (a quest I've hosted on Tumblr)

And last but not least, I love tomatoes! They're my favorite fruit.

Thanks to a nostalgia trip from booting up my old DS Pokemon carts, I ended up finding out some of my old Flipnote OCs were actually some Eevees I had evolved and trained on SoulSilver. It's... kind of weird to think about, being as I had honest to god thought they were purely from my Flipnote days for the longest time.

Jackitty, a cat born from cards. Flat as... well, a card and as feisty (and sleepy) as your average cat!

Trans bunny Liqorice. Somehow, someway, he licks lollipops so fast they start smoking. This has caused more than one misunderstanding for the poor lad

With their mouth closed, they hum their words, but when they stop restraining themselves... they can only scream. That's Beary Lowd for you.

Angular serval outfit designs and such; mostly just getting a feel for stuff and things

Strange villain character. Probably has standards. Probably.

Took the strange black and white pixel art thing Undertale does and tried something out with it

I too, have found myself a bit inspired by Deltarune. So I made a party of weirdos and nerds.

Elguwf, the mouse embarrassed by her face. She hides her face with her hair and instead tries to draw attention to her nails. Lumber, a close friend of hers, has gotten pretty good at painting her nails as a result.

Axyliss is a very physical sort, and really likes hugs. However, she is not aware of her own strength, and is more than capable of breaking someone's back.

Today I toyed with highlights. Normally I'd have a character description, but I threw this together while just screwing around. Labeled it "piss goblin" for good measure

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