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I suppose I should also do an here. I'm an American artist that draws a lot of cute characters. Most of which are furry. I'm not the type to respond all too often (shy), so don't feel discouraged if I don't reply!

I've been working on several projects for some time now such as: Redd Manor (a possible dating sim involving the undead), HALL (a quest I've hosted on tgChan), and BLANK (a quest I've hosted on Tumblr)

And last but not least, I love tomatoes! They're my favorite fruit.

Some more angular doodles than normal. It's honestly pretty fun to draw like this. Might work on it some more

I had a dream I made a game that was sorta like Mystery Dungeon mixed with a bit of Tamagotchi. Liked the idea and decided to make an evolution tree for it

I watched Genndy Tartakovsky draw Dracula from Hotel Transylvania, took a few pointers and made this. I kinda like how it turned out, honestly.

"Shut your Pihol!" she barks. After a short pause Pihol begins howling with laughter, following with "God, it never gets old!"

I honestly like how this one came out.

Various practice doodles. Somehow feel more comfortable with drawing hands as a result.

I feel like throughout this month I've improved in someways. I'm not even sure how exactly.

They say in the afterlife you just work more with higher standards. Or at least, that's hell.

I don't make comics very often, but when I do, it's of this level of quality.

Through this tired mind I made an attempt at trying to draw Noc in a messier style. The idea was to keep it rounded but the lines are far from perfect. I could probably do better, but at the moment I'm barely all there thanks to being sick.

A cheerleader for Limbo High. She's got an overbearing personality and a dark sense of humor.

She stands at roughly 182 cm.

Blood and Bunny 

After watching Hells (sometimes referred to as Hells Angels) I kinda wanted to draw a character I haven't drawn since last year. So here's a weird dog with a visible spine.

The Jackalopes of Gaelia are renowned for their rock solid builds and large horns. Said horns are often used to measure status amongst themselves.

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