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I suppose I should also do an here. I'm an American artist that draws a lot of cute characters. Most of which are furry. I'm not the type to respond all too often (shy), so don't feel discouraged if I don't reply!

I've been working on several projects for some time now such as: Redd Manor (a possible dating sim involving the undead), HALL (a quest I've hosted on tgChan), and BLANK (a quest I've hosted on Tumblr)

And last but not least, I love tomatoes! They're my favorite fruit.

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Wanted to try putting a doodle over a photo as I kinda like the way that looks sometimes.
So here's a living Annie Schneider at the beach.

Maybe I should get a good camera and do more of these.

A bit of Lumber for good measure. Really oughta draw the Ghastly Animal Friends more often.

Moida test. I'm not super familiar with muscles, so this is more or less the first time I've really done anything with them.

Toying more with Moida's design. I think the floating hand deal is better for easier animation. I'll toy around with easier to animate designs as I go on though

A dancer who occasionally drowns out her sorrows in Jazz.
She's great with the Saxophone.

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