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I suppose I should also do an here. I'm an American artist that draws a lot of cute characters. Most of which are furry. I'm not the type to respond all too often (shy), so don't feel discouraged if I don't reply!

I've been working on several projects for some time now such as: Redd Manor (a possible dating sim involving the undead), HALL (a quest I've hosted on tgChan), and BLANK (a quest I've hosted on Tumblr)

And last but not least, I love tomatoes! They're my favorite fruit.

The Nightmare Weaver is the leader of a gang that regularly torment the nightmares of Woodrot. One would think this makes him a good guy, but in Woodrot the term "nightmare" can mean just about anybody.

His name comes from a rumor about how he had sewn together his gang and gave them life through dark magicks.

A sharp shooter boo hag. Shooting is the thing she does best, everything else is borderline unknown to her. She's also very forgetful; she's no stranger to forgetting to braid her hair, tie her shoes, or turn off the oven.

Once deeply interested in the supernatural as a kid, Willow recently found those interests piqued after encountering a spirit after school. From here, life got a little more interesting for her.

Rulers of a non-existant year! One's lazy, the other is an evil mastermind... or would be had he a higher IQ.

Some point during 2015 I had a sona that was a robot named Klover (this still gets occasionally referenced with some of my robot characters in games being named K10VR)

I tried out massively overhauling their design to give them a bit of flair. Unsure if I'll keep it thanks to it's overall complexity, but we'll see.

The face of the Woodrot's taxi service, Flaye is a busy chap trying to keep up with his boss' demands. He is what makes sure the fleastalks go from place to place.

In his free time, he usually hangs out with Lumber in Mortis Cafe.

Cute Horror and Blood 

Cute Horror and Blood 

I've found myself trying to draw more robots.

It's an interesting thing to practice. Perhaps one day I'll get to drawing massive mechas

For a Korvax, I sure am trigger happy

Mostly just comic practice, as I've honestly not done enough work on them.

Light Cute Horror and Blood 

A really angry bunny with some blood 

Struggling with adult life and recently having been cheated on, Violet has a fairly negative view of the world around her. She usually finds escape in violent fantasies or boxing.

She doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does are always there when she needs them most.

Tried something a wee different.

Only a head this time as I'm still figuring out more complicated bodies.

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