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I suppose I should also do an here. I'm an American artist that draws a lot of cute characters. Most of which are furry. I'm not the type to respond all too often (shy), so don't feel discouraged if I don't reply!

I've been working on several projects for some time now such as: Redd Manor (a possible dating sim involving the undead), HALL (a quest I've hosted on tgChan), and BLANK (a quest I've hosted on Tumblr)

And last but not least, I love tomatoes! They're my favorite fruit.

In a wee bit of an art rut fer now (frustrated by a lack of flexibility and such), but I managed to get out a doodle of Pihol

Defensive to the core after years of bad experiences in a cat-filled city, Julia has taken to weaponize even her clothing. From a spiked collar, to a bladed skirt. She's prepared.

"I hope Tank-kun notices me"

Healer serval as I default to playing as a healer in MMOs and multiplayer RPGS.

A selection of various Dalivaz faces. While rare, some Dalivaz have three eyes. Three eyed Dalivaz are typically higher in intelligence than the rest of their already genius race.

Finally finished up the various races for some RPG world.
Human is a Charisma focused race.
Galunst is Strength focused.
Pomerali are Dexterity focused.
and Dalivaz are Intelligence focused.

Rival of Abigail, and self proclaimed queen of jewelry (despite possessing none), Franny! Her boney fingers can extend and take shape of various blunt weapons. She can also meld with her shadow to make a quick getaway.

A fruit bat who wishes to be a vampire. Argoth tries very hard to look cool despite often coming off as a dork. His favorite snack is peaches.

Beastfolk like the Pomerali and the Dalivaz are renowned for bizarre choices in fashion. Though, the Dalivaz excel at this moreso than the Pomerali.

For reasons unknown, the face of a Dalivaz is constantly shrouded in darkness, even were their fur to be shaved.

I originally wanted to try and make something more complicated, but emulating textured 3d models is difficult. Instead I tried to make it look like this fake game used a SuperFX chip or something

One thing I like about FF11 is that titles are shown as small graphics next to a player's name. I feel that removes a lot of the text clutter that some MMOs have when titles are involved

I wonder if any other MMOs do that?

What can a gal do with so much gold? Why, work her way into a broad's heart of course!

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