@davidrevoy @blackspear @GoblinHellion 😱 ❤️ How..? (Damn, I only have the regular stand that came with my stylus.. :artsweats: )

@blackspear I'd need more desk space, then I could use my Deathscythe Hell (Master Grade)... 🤔

@blackspear I'd just need more space. 😅 My brother built it for me. I'm not THAT big into Gundam as he is, but I have a soft spot for Duo Maxwell and his Deathscythe (Hell). ☺️

I doubt mine will live on the desk either, since I don't use the pencil and I'm not too much into gundam myself. But builing it was quite fun and relaxing :)
That Gothdam suits you tho :awesome:

@blackspear Me liking Duo back in the day must have been part of the foreshadowing of me getting into goth a few years later. 😜

@Lyrilith Yeah that might have been a hint 😂 I don't think I've seen Gundam Wing yet, would you recommend it?

@blackspear I have to admit, I've never watched the whole thing. Back when I still got all my anime over VHS tape I had 4 of them and the movie "Endless Waltz", and those I liked. But not sure if watching the entire show holds up to today's standards. It was my first Gundam show/movie, but from what I've watched so far myself, I'd recommend "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket". :) Really liked that one. And "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt", but I've only seen the first BluRay.

@Lyrilith I have those last two on my list, actually, just have to get ahold of them. I think that might be enough Gundam for me then for the forseeable future 😁

@GoblinHellion Is that a 3d print by chance? Because I'd absolutely print one out?

My own is a Bendy print.

@tbogdala oooh neat!! Unfortunately the little crab friend isnt a 3d print, but you can find them for fairly cheap by searching "crab pen holder"!

Here's a link in case you want one ^^


@GoblinHellion Hello, yes, I am here in strong support of those book choices.

@DarkestKale eeeee! Kale!!!! 💕💕💕 how are you doing hon?

I love them so much, they're such great books. The only reason I have them under my monitor instead of like... displayed is cause they make me smile each time I see the titles there.


I'm doing up and down, but more up than I used to be, which is good.

The answer regarding your book situation is clearly two copies of the same book!

@DarkestKale I'm glad there are more ups than before <3 You deserve nice things and good days.


@GoblinHellion I've seen this crab pen holder a lot on /r/fountainpens, and I want one.
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