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Hey beebs! Figured it's time for an / !

I'm Hanan - an Arab/Scot illustrator, character designer, and concept artist! I do a lot of , and just generally like drawing things that make folks smile 🌻🥰 Just a smol goblin.

Nice to meet you!


Sketch I did yesterday while my brain was exploding.

Librarian goblin!

If I was a librarian, I would dress exactly like this.

Lol, my buddy just saw me at my partner's place and was like "hey duder!!! ..... you okay? You look like someone kicked your ass!! Migraine stuff?"

And I mean... accurate, lol

Vent, medical 

I dont wanna get into the habit of venting too much on social media, but sometimes the nights are bad, and the body is bad, and the brain gremlins have a lot to work with.

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Vent, medical, anxiety 

Like I'm lying in bed, with an ice pack under my head, having taken 2 extra strength ibuprofen. Even though I know it's not gonna help at all. I didn't want to have to take naproxen, which wouldnt have done anything to help either, and would have just fucked up my stomach cause I have to eat with it.

Stupid brain gremlins can fuck off. This is happening. Hopefully I can get some relief soon.

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Vent, medical, anxiety 

It's 11pm, the night before my migraine/pain specialist consult, and I've had a horrendous migraine since 4pm. If anything, I'm glad it's happening the day before so that my brain doesn't have time to have weird anxiety of "maybe it's not that bad and I'm just exaggerating."

Chronic pain fuckin sucks. Not enough I'm in pain, gotta have that mental self-gaslighting!

I hate doctor appointments. I'm so freaking nervous about tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging out on the stream folks! We got a bunch of stuff done :> Thanks for helping me be productive today!

Aight babes, let's go.

Gonna start by working on a tattoo design for myself. Come hangout to music and my silliness <3

Anyway, an attempt was made with makeup today.

Marked sensitive for eye contact~

Answer: Absolutely not lol. Any money spending makes me feel guilty, especially when I have a highly variable income (freelance illustrator)

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Me: *gets some money*
Me: ....
Me: ......... So do I buy $200 worth of goth clothes now?

I want it to be summer so badly ;^;

I want this to be me... Let me sun my belly on a rock like a lizard.

Sometimes your brain just goes "Okay but what if deer dragon?"

And then your hands are like "yah oki fam"

. Marked sensitive for eye contact

@GoblinHellion getting struck by lightning as a fashion statement is my new favorite gender

Merp, just a heads up that I've changed most of my links/handles to GoblinHellion - including patreon and ko-fi!




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