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I'm not actually new here, but my old (or ?) post is almost two years old and I figured it was time for a new one. I mainly do traditional art, but I've been doing digital too lately.

@EmergencyBattle Are you planning to do a stream of Planet Zoo at some point? The game looks amazing and I'd love to play it, but I doubt my laptop could handle it, so it'd be fun to watch you play :D

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The result of today's stream :D (well, not entirely - I sketched it last night) It'd been quite a while since I last did a digital painting, even longer if I only count personal art.

Something of a distant prequel to my webcomic.

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I forgot how to do digital painting, come watch me embarrass myself :D

[death cw] 

I don't want this character to be called Friedrich, but I might not be given a choice in the matter

Sometimes you come up with a potential name for a character, immediately dismiss it because it's bad, but then it sticks anyway.

somewhat graphic description of mental state 

I have finally done an anxiety-inducing thing I've been putting off for a month. Please praise me >_>

A new addition to my bookshelf~
(I have decided that this is a tag now)

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Sometimes I feel like just quitting uni, but when I ask myself what I'd rather do, the answer is "stay at home so I can be depressed in peace" which I don't think is a good idea

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mental health and all that 

*sends people kofis* "I just wanted to get rid of some money, it's not like I like you or your art and want you to have nice things or anything"

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