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I'm not actually new here, but my old (or ?) post is almost two years old and I figured it was time for a new one. I mainly do traditional art, but I've been doing digital too lately.

Owning only black socks has made sock sorting so much worse for me because I'm neurotic and refuse to wear socks that belong to different pairs even if they look almost the same and that means lining up my socks and sorting them based on tiny differences every time

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In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

@EmergencyBattle Are you planning to do a stream of Planet Zoo at some point? The game looks amazing and I'd love to play it, but I doubt my laptop could handle it, so it'd be fun to watch you play :D

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The result of today's stream :D (well, not entirely - I sketched it last night) It'd been quite a while since I last did a digital painting, even longer if I only count personal art.

Something of a distant prequel to my webcomic.

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I forgot how to do digital painting, come watch me embarrass myself :D

[death cw] 

I don't want this character to be called Friedrich, but I might not be given a choice in the matter

Sometimes you come up with a potential name for a character, immediately dismiss it because it's bad, but then it sticks anyway.

somewhat graphic description of mental state 

I have finally done an anxiety-inducing thing I've been putting off for a month. Please praise me >_>

A new addition to my bookshelf~
(I have decided that this is a tag now)

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Sometimes I feel like just quitting uni, but when I ask myself what I'd rather do, the answer is "stay at home so I can be depressed in peace" which I don't think is a good idea

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