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I'm not actually new here, but my old (or ?) post is almost two years old and I figured it was time for a new one. I mainly do traditional art, but I've been doing digital too lately.

When you want to do an art meme, but you don't have enough followers </3

I recently learned that Pokemon XD has a bingo challenge, so I loaded my old save file and one thing led to another, so have some gay content featuring gijinkas of my team

Petty annoyance of the day is when a game is written in English but set in an obviously non-English world and the characters give each other nicknames that are very obviously the kind English speakers would come up with

The pain of having a character who's supposed to be intimidatingly beautiful but not having the art skills for it

At what point does it become a problem when a bunch of your OCs all have the same hairstyle?

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I'm open for ^.^ I mostly do mandalas, and can incorporate different elements (flowers, symbology, though I'm not good at animals or people), but I also do abstract work and floral illustrations (like words surrounded by botanicals).

Prices include shipping and are roughly, depending on complexity:

A5: $40 USD
A4: $80 USD
A3: $150 USD
A2: $250 USD

With an extra $15 for registered mail with a tracking number.

Email: ^.^

I would like to have art ideas, but my head is empty

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hello !! i disappeared but i guess i'll come back for a second or two. u kno. as a treat

I think I could use some life drawing sessions ;_;

The realisation of the day is that I can't draw

Mental health fun 

"Huh, I think I'm not feeling quite so bad today"

Spontaneously starts crying


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"'The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its Kindness infinite."

– Susanna Clarke, Piranesi

When you experiment and try new things, it follows inevitably that not everything will look good, but also, wow, I make some ugly art sometimes

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