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Hello Mastodon, it's time for an !

My name is Glacier and I digitally paint dragons and fantasy landscapes and the occasional weird oddity!

Drawing is my greatest passion; I'm self-taught and currently striving to improve in every way I can. I want to be the best I can possibly be, and perhaps even one day turn what I love into a living! But for now I simply hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I'm looking forward to becoming part of this wonderful community C:

Frictional is teasing their next game I'm simultaneously hyped and freaking terrified.

Hey folks! I've set up a society6 storefront to sell prints of my work. Check it out!


And the winner of the 50 Watcher Art Giveaway issss...*drum rolls*

#9, which would be @l4p1n !

Congratulations, you've just won a painted portrait of a character of your choosing! <3

Welp it took a lot longer to reach 50 followers than anticipated, but we're finally there and finally able to run that raffle I was harking on about months ago!

Oops I just realised I've been using the wrong date for my signature for the last two paintings lmao

A scaly magical piece for @kistaro ! I had an absolute blast working with these colours and details, not to mention the pleasure of painting this lovely dragon again! <3

All better now, back to art and chugging along with commission work :D

Feeling a little better today ;w;

Thank you all for your support while I have been enfeebled <3

Bleh I really need to draw but I have a cruddy chest infection and don't want to do anything other than lie on a cold floor and quietly wheeze to death.

Sent PayPal an email so we'll see how useless they prove themselves to be :') Meanwhile I'm very ill lmao

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