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Just a small reminder that i'm mostly on twitter ( ; v ;)/)

My twitter is connected to Mastodon so everything i post there is posted here as well, but since i always seem to forget about this site every now and then, i'm unable to interact with you guys properly like answering msg's, replies, and so on! So if people genuinely want to talk to me or generally follow my art, please head over to my twitter -- link in my profile! ; v ;

I spilled water, got the toilet roll to clean up the mess. I go back to the bathroom. And this is what I get back to. This cat, omg 😂


Sorry for the repost, the crop were shit 😭

This is mostly for my newer followers who might wonder “why isnt she posting art” and “why does she never reply”
I’ve been on hiatus, and Im always more active when Im either being impulsive & bored, like tonight, or feel better. I plan on being on hiatus until I feel more stable

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I’m sorry if I just randomly pop up and suddenly are gone for days on end! Both regarding art or replies!
Haven’t slept properly for weeks, and my mental health are deteriorating to the point of being nonfunctional. I procrastinate and avoid everything, including social media!

I started off with the sketch thinking of a character handling the unicorn, but in the end I found it flat so I ended up with this instead.

Haven’t drawn horses since I were 10-11, so I’m pretty proud of myself pfff + it’s therapeutic

I see all these artists drawing their dnd characters. I’ve never played it before, but I want to try it out sooo baaad, but there’s so much to get into and I have no one to play with.

Maybe I should just make a dnd character and self-Roleplay til i find a gang pfff

If only there were more pirate content out there 😩

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I've been tempted to try out Sea of Thieves again. I haven't touched that game since launch, but while waiting for it to download, i've slowly developing this idea of a pirate comic. I've always loved pirate themed movies, shows, comics and games due the feel of freedom.

Watching cursed on netflix. The ONE character I really enjoyed because of his wholesomeness died only 1-2 episodes after being introduced...

I.. I just.. :C


Idk, some possible character sketches for a rp server on discord

Going back to is really nice, and now i just wanna draw my hunky Au Ra 😩

Despite not feeling too well, this little guy makes the day a little better 🥰


I feel discouraged about having an art career lately, i dont know if its ever going to pay off for me...long term? Will I ever get steady health insurance? Will I ever get to be independent? Will this ever work for me?? Im 23 like idk im just scared??

I don't get it. i'm so damn tired and unproductive today. I've been sleeping every other hour since 8 in the morning. Only waking up to check on the kitten, to give him food, attention & play.

I feel so dizzy & sour in my stomach hnng 💀


Hey there! My name is Shekism (Shek for short). I'm a beginner digital artist from Catalonia, Spain, and my pronouns are he/him. I like to draw as a hobby and I strive to improve with each piece

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