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A small piece of a portrait that im working on... Im super slow like holy shit.
Also hey! Im finally trying to be active on social media lmao.

It is Norways national day today, hurray Norway! and here I am writing reports and analysis.. I'm having sooo much fuuuuuun

Loaded my storage with coffee, energy drinks, tortilla chips, Oreo's, ice tea, and it's time to stay awake for 2 days straight before I deliver my 2 first exams.. I'm gonna die.

Wish me luck 🖤

Hey, I'm an artist from Norway who do 💩💩 doodles and paintings! Seem to be too busy as an 3D & animation student, but I always seem to cry out a few stuff despite slowly drowning in exams and assignments 😊


Hey Im excited for about a certain game.
Good luck understanding my 10 min sketch tho.

Finally finished my first exam, only 4 left uugh. Just taking a day off before I continue working, so here’s a doodle!


Hey adobe check this shit out


Hey adobe check this out

What have we learned? Don't accept it when companies switch from 1 time purchase to monthly subscription because they will most likely shit on you in the end. Use alternatives 😇


With the recent news of Adobe planning to do the inevitable after roping enough people into subscriptions, here's a hopefully helpful little graphic for digital artists (made in Affinity Designer):


I want to draw for mermay.. not work on my damn exams ugh ;;;; 3D is seriously a pain in the ass


Fuck this.
Guess after this year I’m officially done with PS.

-Autodesk Sketchbook is free ppl
-Clip Studio has constant sales, free assets to download and a 1 time buy for computers (annual for iPad)
-Paint Tool Sai is a 1 time buy
-Procreate is a 1 time buy.

I can die happy with all these GoT memes aaah

Hey guys, I'm gonna go on a hiatus again for a month or something! All my 6 exams are supposed to be delivered halfway through may and I'm waaaaaaaay behind, so no paintings. Maybe a few doodle though! 😊

Good luck to everyone who are in the same shoes as me!

I'm probably gonna delete this later when I'm not as tired lmao

When you see all these wonderfull artists following you, and I'm just sitting in the corner of my stone age bedroom, hunching over my screen staring at those profiles for 15 min straight before almost crushing my screen in a attempt to following them... yeah... let's be friends

Ugly doodle noodle where I realise that idk what the hell I'm doing when colouring lmao


hey artists! dont take commissions from this clown



I'm feeling down but seeing all your lovely art always fills me with joy because I'm a cheeseball. 😊

🌱RT this post
🌱Reply with your art and introduce yourself!
🌱Find other artists and follow them if you like what you see!

Okay, I'm slowly getting my shit together and might poop out some art again soon ; v ;



patreon will increase their fees soon, so if you wanna get the reduced fees and KEEP them, you have to do this:

1. make a patreon
2. fill every detail you need & send it for review
3. once it gets approved, LAUNCH IT.


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