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Just a small reminder that i'm mostly on twitter ( ; v ;)/)

My twitter is connected to Mastodon so everything i post there is posted here as well, but since i always seem to forget about this site every now and then, i'm unable to interact with you guys properly like answering msg's, replies, and so on! So if people genuinely want to talk to me or generally follow my art, please head over to my twitter -- link in my profile! ; v ;


Depression and the arts

I gotta stop retweeting stuff haha!

Anyway, im done with the exams, i just need a small recovery period pfff. I've started to do some color pencil sketches in a new sketchbook and it feels sooooo good! Haven't touched color pencil in a decade lmao


Twitter artists tricking art thieft bots into creating stolen art t-shirts of highly copyrighted images to get them banned. (2019, colorized)


Literally all social media sites have this in their TOS, they dont own your content, they need this in their TOS so they can host it on their site/make thumbnails/reformat it to fit the site



So, it is 100% proven that yes if you comment on something along the lines of "I want this on a shirt" it will, in fact, be made into a shirt. So please NEVER comment that on any of my work.
You CAN go "Do you make merchandise of this?"

Here, have a anxious doodle of an eye while I’m both coping and procrastinating from my exam afsgjhdgah


2009: "I think in a few more years I'll be really good at art."

2019: "I think in a few more years I'll be really good at art."

Why do i keep procrastinating. I feel like I'm gonna be doomed at this point aaah


starting to get to a point where i get distressed when i look at a cat because of how bad i want one

Time for a hiatus while im working on my exams for 3 weeks! Don't die guys, we can survive this!


middle europeans: wow the sun sets early in the winter..... weird how it can be dark outside at 6pm
the scandinavians in the replies:

Jesus, the procreate 5 beta opening was a disaster, but it was worth it. Now its time to wait mehehhe (e v e)

Just gonna throw a wip out here since I’m a slow bum

Lmao I’m dumb, it’s midnight.
No wonder I’m tired


Watch out for this account, guys. These clowns are stealing art and insisting it's theirs, despite it being painfully obvious they fucking stole it.

Just doodling my character now that i have a 2 day break from school assignment befare the exam starts 😤

How to scars man. Burn scars are weird to paint, Jesus.

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