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Just a small reminder that i'm mostly on twitter ( ; v ;)/)

My twitter is connected to Mastodon so everything i post there is posted here as well, but since i always seem to forget about this site every now and then, i'm unable to interact with you guys properly like answering msg's, replies, and so on! So if people genuinely want to talk to me or generally follow my art, please head over to my twitter -- link in my profile! ; v ;


a lot of twitter artists including have tested for the most effective way to support artists after twitters recent changes.

So apparently he absolute best support you can give currently is COMMENTING on our art, if you enjoy it! It would do us a great favour!! 💕

I really really *really* want to do some oil painting but my god, I realised that it's so expensive aaah

WELL, NO WONDER since I never realized that I was drawing on a 1000x1000px-ish canvas.... I usually draw on minimum 3000x3000px lmao

I posted this drawing on my artstation (high res supposedly) and I thought it looked so damn bad.. quality wise??

Oh look at that, I finished it lmao

I'm actually finishing something for once. I'm shook.

I went to the store with my mother and there was this child. She kept staring at me even when I was passing her. SHE EVEN STARED AT ME EVERY TIME WE MET THEM AGAIN. Idk if it's my tattoo and septum piercing or whatever, my god.. children can be so damn creepy 😩

Slowly getting really damn curious and interested in witchcraft and their practices. At the same time i feel weird to have this interest haha 😆

Testing out some oil techniques with original brushes in
It’s so weird to work differently but god I love the look of oils.

Will probably be a very crappy birthday this year, but at least I can give myself a gift even tho I’m too lazy to finish it 😂

Am I seriously still working on my piece? Yes.. yes I am.

you know how Sora from Kingdom hearts often are drawn with a crown. Maybe i'll just put them all in a royal AU, that could be fun

well //clapps hands together// guess its time to draw some depressing stuff huehuehue

Every time i experience a break up, i wonder how the hell i survived the last one. This is no exception.


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Going back home to Norway today! My god, it's going to be soooo good to get back to my bed and have my iPad to doodle on :'D
Had a lot of fun tho!

In Poland, just were out drinking with two others. They ditched us. They had the keys. Now we are sitting by out apartment unable to get inside because we don't have the keys. They don't answer the fucking phone...
The hell are we supposed to do


-my english is bad.
-i can’t explain a shit.
but i tried ...

☝️and don’t forget about instagram and twitter filters too ☝️

I'm gonna be inactive for a week since I'm going to Poland tomorrow! I might do some sketchbook doodles, but I don't think we have wifi, I have no more 4G for this month, and I'm too scared to take my iPad with me :'D

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