Here's a newer piece of a tapestry dragon. It's a watercolor and digitally colored drawing. Always have loved medieval artwork.

Hey, I'm an artist from Norway who do πŸ’©πŸ’© doodles and paintings! Seem to be too busy as an 3D & animation student, but I always seem to cry out a few stuff despite slowly drowning in exams and assignments 😊


I've got three weeks to find a job before I lose my backup plan to foreclosure, and another month past that before I lose my home. I need gas money to get to job interviews. I'm eating the shipping on these bracelets to try and cover that. If you don't wear #jewelry or these aren't your style, please boost. They're anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, all 7 inches, and all $15 to or$tarlimanjoppos #maille #art #mastoart #chainmail

'Walter', an enormous white inflatable rabbit created by Singapore-based illustrator and artist Dawn Ng #womensart

Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto turns textiles into delicately sculpted orbs that can be worn as jewellery #womensart

Landscape oil painting. That's all what I have for now.πŸ¦‹ πŸƒ 🌿

Hello everyone, here's a digital abstract photocollage I made a few summers ago, will post newer things soon once I get over this mini artblock


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