Here, have this painting! It's from my "whiteout" series I didn't know I was making until yesterday. It's called "They said I am hard to love (it was you not me)" and it's about friends who are shitty to me.

'the balance of hearts'

another jwildfire render, lightly touched up

#art #mastioart

Contemporary Helsinki land artist Jonna Pohjalainen turns fallen aspen trees into giant coloured pencils sculptures #womensart

Reuploaded because slight changes were made. A portrait. Ink, 2019. Recent commission for a very close friend.

#ink #art #mastoart #drawing #penandink

This one is called "A Long Night", it's an ink and marker drawing digitally colored in 2018 by yours truly

Here's a newer piece of a tapestry dragon. It's a watercolor and digitally colored drawing. Always have loved medieval artwork.

Hey, I'm an artist from Norway who do 💩💩 doodles and paintings! Seem to be too busy as an 3D & animation student, but I always seem to cry out a few stuff despite slowly drowning in exams and assignments 😊


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