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Every time a new soldier joins my army, they get a badge. And today AffectedMind - a fellow webcomic creator - joined my army :D
Happy to have you there <3

If you want to support me too and get a badge, you can have a look here :3

Or just read the newest episode on tapas:

My bonus story is up and running on patreon ^v^9

It's really tons of work with all the 1930 setting but also so much fun. Check it out on patreon. For 2$ you get 12 pages each month and access to over 200 pages of my manga :D

Oh no, weekend's over. There are 2 pages left to ink for this month (maybe 1.9 pages). I could be faster, but those fancy backgroundzzzzzzzzzz. Half love, half hate

Funny how you can improve in 3 years by constantly drawing ^^9

And it's amazing to be able to create stuff and see it coming to life <3 Best job ever!

Read my comic:

Support my comic:

Webcomics are these little goldmines of story and character reflecting everything that a creator enjoys making and wants to share with like minded folks and it's ✨ AMAZING✨
I think about this all the time and am so very excited to be making comics
Yes, even me who maketh the demon smooch butt comics 👌

Oh it's ? Time to give you a few artists i got to meet & follow before mastodon. A few i met in person, before stalking them online ;)

(Go read her Manga! It's sooooooo well drawn)

(Such a wonderful nice person in RL and does so stunning artwork with an amazing style)

(a really generous and helpful person with great potential!)

(Is streaming his art on twitch(!) and he has such a unique style. He is also working on his comic. And he is so entertaining )

(also know mao from twitch <3. Look at that amazing art!)

(aaaand another twitch streamer. This time from germany. She has such a warm and wonderful painting style)

(Got to know her art first on Instagram. I really enjoy her cellshading colouring style and how she can pull of so unique shapes and forms)

There are more artists out there, so give them your love and support <3

My and main character from my : Rikka (written with the Kanji 6 and flower)

Rikka accompanies me for around 7 years now. It started with a short story about a woman who grew up in a small village and learned the way of the sword only to loose her best friend in the first battle.

She's a battleborn warrior with ice-blue eyes and often really grumpy. She dosn't talk much and instead takes action fast - way too quick often times. Besides all the fighting and war business she enjoys fishing a lot.

Hopefully I get to tell her story ^^°

I think I got the hang of and will use it more frequently. I hope it's ok to post more panels, wips and derpy comments on my ^^°

So many new artists! So many new people across the fediverse!

If you have questions about the instances, how to talk to other servers, etc. Here is an introduction to all that:

Feel free to ask questions and welcome to mastodon! :)

I'm having fun with mastodon and the icon feature xD

Next thing: trying to understand how to hop between servers

In case you're hungry for an action-fantasy-war-themed-drama-swordfight manga with samurais and dragoons, you're at the right place!

Follow me through my journey to volume 2 of Blood Stained Snow and read it for free on webtoons:

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Besides spending my free time with my manga I also love



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