Hey there,

Uh, it's finally time to show some of my speedy watercolor "paintings" 🙈 I often just paint and during the process decide what to paint, the one in the mid is different, for this I wanted to make a value study and colorized it. Hope you enjoy them,

Cya ;)

Hi again,

maybe you were bored already from seeing parks over parks again, so this time I have something different😄

First one is a finger food my one year old daughter composed from the components of our launch 😁 second one is the view from our attic over the rooftops.

Hello again,

As said in my last post, i'm into watercolor painting now, these are my first ones, would you like to see some ?

Hey there,

today i was out to walk the kids for a sleep and because I like light and shadow here is yet another shot from our walk. Did some slight postpro in Snapseed to emphasize some spots and give it a warm touch.

Feel free to leave a comment. I would also like to know if you are interested in seeing some of my first humble steps in watercolor painting?

Seemingly I cannot add a poll and image together, so I'll put the poll into the next post.

Hi there,

here are some pictures from a walk in a local park on a sunny day. I love how the sun creates these contrast between bright and dark

Hope you like it, see ya!

Hi there,

I love mist and pigeons. Both are united in this "morning walk mystic picture"! As always feel free to leave a word or two 😄

Ah, and the second one was shot the same morning, in the same park with the same mist but without pidgeons. 😊👍

See you!


it's a sunny day today so I went out for a walk, found these view of nearby slopes and gave it a try. The stone sculpture on top is called the "Himmelsleiter".

Creepy green sky, and mysterious dark tower. It was supposed to become black & white but by accident it became green, liked it that way. More to come, maybe colorful :tp_suwi:

Hi, First Post Here :-) it is a picture of field of rapeseed on a cloudy day. More pictures will be posted, see you!


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