Very last minute sketch (as today's the day WHOOPS) but it's Bobbi's 10th Anniversary today! 🎉🎉🎉

10 years ago I posted the very first MMD video of them to YouTube and introduced them to the world~

🌸 Sakura Bobbi 🌸

For UTAU_R_US' SakuraUTAU/SpringtimeUTAU hashtags last year! I'll get around to lining this and finishing it very soon TTvTT~

★ UTAU, but make it 1920s ★

An old sketch I finally got around to finishing! Went a bit wild with effects in the end but I couldn't just leave it as a flat picture with a transparent background <:3c

Been putting together a vid for the past two days that I'm planning to post on my birthday next month! Obvs still in the early stages because I still need to get some progress done on Bobbi's new VB, finish tuning the ust and putting the actual cover together but here's what I've got so far with my baby understanding of how After Effects works QvQ
Bobbi art and background by TerrainAkka!

Another cover art pic finally done YEAHHHH
For a future cover of House Of Songs!

Lineless art is hell for me to do but sketching in YOji's style was really fun QvQ~

Taking rough bust sketch commissions for £10 each, roughly 1200 x 1600px!

Just something simple to keep me going while I work on new things for my store QvQ~

For full info, queue and wait list, please visit my Trello page!

Super quick sketch so the anatomy is really janky but I've said before.. what if Bobbi had a Sour styled MMD model 👀👀👀 So I attempted to draw something >:)c

This style is so hard to draw @_@ The song this is for has been stuck in my head for the past month and literally as I'm about to start sketching something for it I find that someone has released an UST for it 2 days ago YEAH BABEY

Not finished sketching yet thought but my phone camera wasn't doing it any justice so I scanned what I drew so far ;v;~

me: I need to come up with a Winter/Snow Bobbi design eventually
me: wait I've got an idea

I miss the old D4 samples I did for Bobbi, they had so much more personality to them and it was completely by accident QoQ I had to change my mic volume though ready for when I was gonna do the higher pitches, I hope I can replicate these old ones when I start up recording again hopefully after KupoCon (or before if I finish my cosplay well before the con 😭)

Minecraft skins vaguely count as art right? 😂😂😂

Made this a couple months ago, I used to only play MC on 360 back in 2012 when I was in school but now I have it for PC so I HAD to make a skin of my OC for it! Haven't played it much though but I want to try out so many resource packs and shaders *0*


| Age: Early 20s (SR1) - 30s (SR4/GOOH)
| Gender: Agender (they/them)
| Height: 5ft 9
| Nationality: British

Riley is the leader of the Third Street Saints. They are short tempered, crafty and cold, but affectionate towards those that they trust. They love playing arcade games and causing havoc with their gang members.



| Age: 20
| Birthday: 31/12
| Gender: Agender (they/them)
| Height: 5ft 8 (hair not included)
| Nationality: British

Bobbi’s super friendly, energetic, mischievous and tends to fool around. They can be found grinning at quite literally everything, but will be serious when needed.


A VRoid model of Bobbi that I started working on a little while ago! The only finalised textures are the ones for their eyes and eye highlights but I really do love this program a lot! ❤️ Their hair was super hard to model and I'm still being picky with it but this is what I deserve for designing their hair like that LMAO;;

A redraw of an outfit design I drew Many times when I was younger, Sonic Riders inspired Bobbi! 💙

Did an art style challenge a while ago on Twitter!

Bobbi in the style of Junji Ito and Danganronpa, and Riley in the style of Kill La Kill and Persona!

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