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Hihi! I'm Hikka, and I sneeze sparkles on my tablet daily.
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Thanks for checking out my work!

Did a of some old artwork I did of my OC, Ilienaren. Incorporated his new design into the new drawing, as well.

I have no idea when the original (right) drawing was created...somewhere around 2014/2015?

But was forever ago. lol

I got a table commission to draw a hot OC in a suit and IDK what else I'd rather be drawing

I found out tonight while poscas don't bleed, they definitely can smudge if one gets a little overzealous on the pressure they put behind applying gloss.

So I spent like probably 20ish minutes fixing one of my posca pieces, thankfully the nice thing about poscas is they are quite forgiving, just paint over the boo boo. :U

I guess also what doesnt help is changing up some prices/using said show as practice fot a new setup. Whoops~

Leaving signage for the show til last minute. Will I kick myself? Probably. But hey, I got further on some more posca art and found some funny youtube videos all the while. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨

I’ve been working on this off and on for a few days now. I’m mostly happy with it. Raziel and Dahlkiel In a much needed hug out.

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