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Hihi! I'm Hikka, and I sneeze sparkles on my tablet daily.
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Thanks for checking out my work!

1. It’s Seth, baybee!!! I’m sure I had others but he’s the one who stuck. I don’t use him much anymore but he’s a troublemaker. Godspeed, you crazy edge lord demon. Perhaps I’ll revamp u one of these days. Missed drawing him though!

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Not sure how I feel about this one. I might return to it in the morning.

Hello Mastodon! Trying this out for the first time!

I'm Shelbzlblack. I'm a set designer by day and web comic artist by night.

You can read my passion project Until Observed on Webtoon CANVAS.

something i have to remind myself constantly of is "you doooon't need to finish this drawing in one single day, take a break and look at something else if it's making you pull your hair out"

God I didn't realize its been a full month since I posted the sketch of this. For whatever reason this took me a really long time to complete - but I'm happy with it!

How does Bruce Willis cook? (swearing) 

By using a recipee-ki-yay, motherfucker …

oh nice, Krita just did a release for android tablets and chromebooks. that's really nice for people using tablets for digital art!

silly rant 

I have to put this somewhere...because I saw it today and...I just-

So, someone in a group I'm in, posted some charms they made. Very cute I might add! Apparently they've discovered that people hang charms from their switch vents???

The switch has a headphone jack...

Dust plugs...exist...??? Idk seems kinda like a bad plan, like yeah charm strings are generally thin and all but y' usually don't like things blocking them, yeah? Idk. Just get dust plugs, they cheap :x

sorry if the quality's bad can't upload from desktop

ITT, gonna share my October Inkings from 2019, because I like em and I don't think I ever shared them here. They're themed (mainly tiny) and flower/plants

A redraw of a Morrigan I painted a while back! The original is maybe two years old? I’ve always really liked that one and it was nice to be able to freshen up an old piece and make it feel new!

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