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Hihi! I'm Hikka, and I sneeze sparkles on my tablet daily.
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reaching dangerous mashed potato levels

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□


I needed a sample of a bust commission since i had never offered them before so I commissioned myself to draw my own oc

I got into the home con, by myself. I feel really good about it. I feel like that it's definitely on my own merit and I'm pretty happy about it. It's silly when I've gotten into two cons by myself and was in fact asked to another. But I guess I just am able to finally take it as not sheer dumb luck?

@Galacticdoodle which I'm glad I did considering I personally didn't see any con staff, at least any one who was I didn't see their badge and all but no one came by to like check up on anybody either and no one was really standing by the doors or any kind of security sooo....

Ngl not super duper impressed with this upcoming con....had asked like last weekend about a map. Never got one. Ended up running around the room for a minute during setup to find the table. Badges weren't handed out apparently they'll give them to us tomorrow but like....that just allows people who shouldn't be in the con area to wander about too cause it's being held in our local game store and there were card games going on???

I went with my gut and literally just set up my display. No merch

some fancy blue and and silver nails with this new stamping plate i got

‪you, a fool: “comics, tv, film”‬

‪me, an intellectual: “rectangle-based storytelling”‬

18. lunar witch 🌕 design is inspired by chang e, the chinese goddess of the moon. this is a companion piece to witchtober 10, here:

I'm Binglin, a nonbinary artist whose day job is at an aquarium doing graphic design. For fun, I like to knit and cook and draw furries. My goal is to keep exploring and growing my personal art practice, and to always keep trying new things. Here are a few different ways I like to work!

(I've got more links and tidbits on my bio 😊)

thirst levels are holding at 51%

(51%) ■■■■■□□□□□

it's been literal years since I've drawn / colored like this, I don't even know how anymore and it's so time consuming. rip

Dear FF14 players. I don't mind drawing your characters, I don't, but for the heckin love of God please PLEASE send me screenshots with *good* lighting....

I am literally guessing at this character and hoping to heaven above I am not butchering their colors. Their skin especially. I hope this turns out okay. At least this is an icon comm so at least it won't be looked at too closely should this person use it...

Huh apparently clip is now on iPhone too. Buuuut I have a regular iPhone so trying to draw on this would probably be not fun.

I did poke at the app and yeah, feels too crowded. ><;; Apparently iPhone version also is another sub? Like, I'd be more cool in like kinda using it if it was included y'know?

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