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Hihi! I'm Hikka, and I sneeze sparkles on my tablet daily.
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so here's the daughter of my druid gals, she wants to be a magical girl

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I'm Rhys, & I go by Bug or Bugpaws as well. I'm trans-masc and agender, my pronouns are they/them

I primarily do digital art but also love watercolors, color pencils, & more. I've worked on illustrations, lite novels, games, & comics.



Commission rates:

You're also welcome to contact me for rates on specific pieces.

That means you have to boost my art.
I'm 21 now. Oh god.

I drew my son. I uhhh....tend to really get lazy on the details when I draw him but this is kinda what he's supposed to look like I'm pretty sure.

I go back and forth on whether or not he should have eland or oryx horns but he Definitely has spooky pupils.

In the meantime, if you shoot a five to my I will draw a little sketch for you. My cat is prepping for an intensive oral surgery soon and it will be costly

I normally don't post traditional doodles but I'm really fond of this Taros AU Claude!! I'm just a sucker for nordic themed fantasy + the fact he has cat-like claws in this AU, heh

protecting a ghost from rain, roasting shrooms, purifying crystals and feeding floating sheep - yep, it's an adventure! 🌈🌠#pixelart #mastoart #creativetoots #γƒ‰γƒƒγƒˆη΅΅

Slowly but surely I will get this original print done and move onto the others...eventually.

It's been hard this time around I think. I just wanna dive in and do so much more original stuff. I see so many artists out their successful with their original stuff, buuuut of course you gotta attract with the familiar...hence I still have fanart to do.

I just gotta chip away at it I suppose.

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forgot to post this here ahjeez
2018 was a hell year but at least there was lily

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