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@GMGardner Aah for sure. Super late reply but def always relevant convo. Trust and pushing yourself, very familiar feels. Awesome that you’ve learned methods that work for you to keep going and help with consistency :). No specific artists but I’ve taken to create social media Accts just for art and follow artists there. Getting to see their work but also just day to day thoughts and process has been really helpful too. Also having opp to interact with other artists helps a bunch!!

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Hello!!! My name is Alex, I'm a hobbyist digital artist! My art is extremely inconsistent because I can't decide what I want to achieve ;;;
Apart from art, I love Maths, Chemistry, cats (every single one of them), cute and sparkly things, and Japanese language c:

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Hello guys! I am new to Mastodon (from Twitter.) I don't know how often I will post here, but I hope you guys like my art!

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Working with clay is a process. I'm trying to make a set of pasta dishes, and I made this mold to do it. Yes, it's made of LEGO and plastina clay! I love using LEGO for practical things! I'm pressing the bottom while it dries to make it flat using a wheel bat and part of a bag of clay.

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Whew. The love and art is so real right now! I hope you lovely artists find a home here.

I think we're all overwhelmed by all the new people, the server hiccups (thanks Curator et al for helping with all of that!), and of course, that on top of all the new people that we want to follow and check out and hug and welcome is just adding to the vibes right now!

Want to Toot out a few things that I hope can be a help:

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Yo I just wanna say I'm so proud of this specific wave of new people because y'all have been so fast to start using alt text for images and content warnings y'all and aren't like, complaining about it lol

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Hello! I’m Quill, and I’m a queer artist, animator, and story creator.

My pronouns are they/he (I’m genderfluid)

I’m currently working on a story, Sand Clocks, that i hope to make into a comic once I’m out of high school !

Commissions will be opening soon to help me save up for a new laptop + tablet !~

Commissions; Closed
Art Trades; Closed
Collabs + requests; friends only

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hello o//
I came from twitter! @ofillustrations posted about mastodon, so I got curious and joined.

I have a ton of favorite artists!! Honestly, everyone I follow are goals in one way or another ✨

I prefer digital/pixel art. I used to paint with watercolors, but I haven't been able to create anything recently

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Hello, I'm Rex! Mainly I am a traditional artist. Pencil crayons and markers being my main go-to, with mechanical pencil for my rough sketches. I am also a crafty artist to boot, mostly in the cosplay department.

You can also fine me here:


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Time to Redo the #Introductions and introduce the BRAND NEW ME!!!

Name's Rei Moonwuff~
I'm a fem-Non binary Werewuff artist~

I'm a bit of a derp. a Lil snarky n sassy but also sweet kind caring and always willing to listen to others problems~

Pronouns are (She/Her/They/Them) but I'm not picky call me what you want sweetie~ :heart_nb:

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Hello there i'm Miette !!
I'm a 23yo girl from France who loves cute things, pixel art, OCs and a lot of other things ✨

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Hi! I’m Sam! My quick post. I enjoy doing fan art mostly. I’m trying to branch out into some original stuff though.

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Time turned the evil bastards into rogues, and rogue was a word with a twinkle in its eye and nothing to be ashamed of.»

Terry Pratchett, Making Money (Discworld, №36; Moist Von Lipwig, №2)

#TerryPratchett #quote #MakingMoney #MoistVonLipwig #Discworld


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Just a quick ! I’m Salem, a queer black artist with too many wips and not enough time to finish them all. Bright colors, lovely enbies and magic are my jam :3c

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so my parrots had his biggest achievement today. He managed to climb to the top of this counter and get to the papayas. He managed to do it twice. I dont know how he does it. I found out too late on both occasions.

and he is proud of it too. little devil

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