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I kinda overdid it with the extra lines, so I took those out.

This was good practice. I do need more low stress practice.

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An inksperiment that I did today. The red is acrylic ink, the black is india ink. Minor edits in photoshop. Finally seeing what this paper that I bought months ago can do.

Anybody else remember Creatures? Creatures 1 and 3 were some of my favorite games as a kid.

Have a hatching norn sketch!

Here's the raw scan, in case you're interested in that.

Tried a few new things with the coloring. Not sure I got exactly what I was going for but I learned a lot!

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I love yokai, especially kitsune and other animal based ones, so I had to make one for my new Twitter banner. India ink, scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop CS4, colored in Photoshop and Clip Studio. July 2019

(New Twitter art account is here: )

Drew an assortment of polliwoglins to practice my digital inking.

I have always liked , but his design always had a bit too much going on in my opinion, especially for a child/rookie stage . So I made some adjustments. My goals were to:

1. Make him easier for children to draw while keeping him recognizably "Gabumon"
2. Give him more similarities to while keeping both distinct (as if they were sister species)
3. Toe beans. That is all.

Commissions are open! I'm doing full color headshots, full body characters, lineless chibi, and pet commissions! Please read my commission info master post for further details:

A new sketchbook, a grand excuse for an indulgent fox bust.

An ink painting that I have been working on for a local showing. Hard to take a picture of, hopefully I can get some better ones later.

I just finished a sketchbook and I'm looking through it before I put it away and I found this guy that I doodled back in October. Since it had ears it didn't quite fit with the inktober stuff, but I still like it.

I made an acrylic inksperiment on a mini canvas that I really dig. Starting to lean into my "style" finally. Hope this will be the beginnings of bigger and better things!

-Spider-Spider’s “civilian name” is Pedi Parker

-Most humans can’t hear him on account of his size, but Spider-Man can

-Lives in a potted plant in Peter’s house

-Spider-Man isn’t sure what to think about this

-Aunt May likes him because he keeps the bugs off her house plants

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Here’s my SpiderVerse OC, a lab spider that was experimented on with Spider-Man’s blood. Has human child level intelligence and empathy, amplified strength, an extended life span, and the ability to speak. Breaks free and decides to find and “help” Spider-Man, his role model.

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