I made an acrylic inksperiment on a mini canvas that I really dig. Starting to lean into my "style" finally. Hope this will be the beginnings of bigger and better things!

-Spider-Spider’s “civilian name” is Pedi Parker

-Most humans can’t hear him on account of his size, but Spider-Man can

-Lives in a potted plant in Peter’s house

-Spider-Man isn’t sure what to think about this

-Aunt May likes him because he keeps the bugs off her house plants

Here’s my SpiderVerse OC, a lab spider that was experimented on with Spider-Man’s blood. Has human child level intelligence and empathy, amplified strength, an extended life span, and the ability to speak. Breaks free and decides to find and “help” Spider-Man, his role model.

Haven't made a comic in a while. This is more of an idea than anything polished. I think I would want more frames. But not bad for like, 20 minutes.

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