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Hey there! My name is Ellen, but y'all can call me Frosty! I'm a university student with a dream of becoming a vet, passion for drawing, and obsession with Warframe. You'll see me draw a lot of fanart and art of my OCs 💞 I also stream sometimes.


my two ocs: Yovu and Nasha
they didn't really like eachother at first, but now they do

discovered the animation tools in clip. how the pros do it is beyond me.

Kyrie doesn't really need (or want) to sleep, but Markus does.

day 12: Steam punk
I'm not well versed in the style so I tried my best ^^;

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Result of the poll was to do a random loadout, and Wisp graced us with her presence! She's easily become one of my favorite frames 😄

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