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Hey there! My name is Ellen, but y'all can call me Frosty! I'm a university student with a dream of becoming a vet, passion for drawing, and obsession with Warframe. You'll see me draw a lot of fanart and art of my OCs 💞 I also stream sometimes.


discovered the animation tools in clip. how the pros do it is beyond me.

Kyrie doesn't really need (or want) to sleep, but Markus does.

day 12: Steam punk
I'm not well versed in the style so I tried my best ^^;

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Result of the poll was to do a random loadout, and Wisp graced us with her presence! She's easily become one of my favorite frames 😄

Skipped 9 because lack of inspo.
day 10 is my fav outfit! I pretty much wear a t-shirt and jeans every. single. day.

I stream about twice a week, once during the weekdays and again on the weekend!
I'm currently planning on going live with some tomorrow at around 12:30pm EST... but i'm not sure what to draw?

You can find me on at :twitch:

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Day 4+5: Rich/Villain (cersei lannister from got)
Day 6: pirate
Day 7: heritage (Kyrie is technically corpus going my parent's status)
Day 8: apocalypse (outfit concept for 's future update the Duviri Paradox)

i've been participating in this year so might as wll show off what i've done so far!
Day 1-3: base - monster - fantasy + prompt list i'm following!

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while i do have a LOT of tenno , my oc collection would not be complete without some cephalons!

i need to write out their profiles, but both of these fellas have Connections to mine and the gf's main tenno/operators, Vey and Zed!

Those are my warframe ocs, but I got a few others for some other fandoms. These are Valarie for , Gwen for , and Gumi for !

I don't have enough art of my other 3 Tenno (yet) so they can all be lumped together like the buds they are c: Ashlyn is the girl with red hair, she's Ky's best friend and gets into a lot of fights. Dominic is the tall guy with glasses; he's really sweet but has a really nasty resting bitch-face that makes people think he's mean. Gabriel's the blonde boy, a once high-ranking Orokin that was stripped of his titles and gets really bad migraines due to Void overexposure.

Markus is Kyrie's uh... boyfriend xD He's an Orokin lad that she met during the Old War. Due to some unfortunate series of events, he was turned into a Cephalon when the Tenno Rebellion broke out, but now his body is restored by the weird space magic that is the Void. All you need to know is that he's a) a complete idiot and b) really good with a sniper rifle.

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