First Toot!

I make authentic NES graphics, sometimes NES games. This is for a game of mine under the codename "Borscht".

@FrankenGraphics I saw your work on Twitter recently! Good to see you here, where I can actually follow you.

@FrankenGraphics Wow, is that in 8-bit? That's really sweet. I love how pixel dithering is used to create textural and color-mixing effex in those old 8-bit images.

Studio/8 on the Mac II was one of my faves back then.

Yeah, I'm afraid I'm that old.

@FrankenGraphics OMG, I loved (well still love) Project Blue! Welcome to the fediverse.

@FrankenGraphics Welcome to fedi - glad you're here!

I enjoyed your work back in my birdsite days, so I'm more than happy to see it here too :)

@FrankenGraphics you've been boosted! Nice first toot! I'm working on a GameBoy emulator running in python. Very early stages but I'll post my progress once I have something to look at!

@FrankenGraphics That's quite a stunning image! What's the game going to be about?

@FrankenGraphics Welcome!! 🎉
Really happy to see someone I used to follow on Twitter now join Mastodon 😁 Looking forward to your updates!

⬆️ Amazing NES graphics as always! 👍

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