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All I know is cheese.

(Clearly, she lied when she said this)

Haha I am so funny again

I feel from a different society, no matter which different society I'm currently in that explicitly implies I'm absent from the one that I'd supposed to be in

What do you think it is that whites don't like about a light-skinned person disobeying their hierarchies?

No really I'm struggling with this my entire life so far.

I had a wonderful night at a music festival and it was so beautiful and I was smiling my heart lifted and I got back safe!

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@Jo @Linuxtjej

I get theres the same crew the very next day and they've been traumatized from an outside party and

I was traumatized from an outside party while being served by an outside party ,

and then I was traumatized by the traumatized,

Honestly I have to give up and relax similar to every other regular day

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When a person harasses you to inside the restaurant and then takes food from your plate and throws it at your face and you go to the restroom and tie up your hair and get ready for regular self defense and the next day the cafe doesn't allow you to come back because the issue was that the individual eating was being harassed and knew how to defend herself,

I'm still not going to be able to eat that burrito because I was being harassed by a white man and the store blamed me for it

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I had breakfast and no one touched the food on my plate and I was really content with the whole experience. It wasn't exceptional, though it was important to me.

Living vicariously through others self care documentation is how I'm getting to sleep tonight

Traveling "Kids" (otherwise known as full adult human People) are not compatible with this anarchist burrito eater .

and they definitely are not cool slamming my bike against the concrete and threatening to kill me if I yelled at him again .



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Secretly, I'm not living my life for the money or fame

I'm living it for the burritos

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Me, transFixed .

... Instead of trans broke!!!!

Ugh ._.

Someone buy me drinks

Me, frustrated at the dissonance between a really tumultuous inner environment and all these people who seem to be in a good mood

and I'm at both !

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