An illusion is something thats created that seems as if it were reality though it isnt there when you reach out to it

Example: two candles placed in front of you

Then cross your eyes and make three candles

The third candle in the center seems real if you create it long enough, though in reality sticking out your hand the third middle candle vanishes

This is what facebook does with social belonging. It creates a vacuum seem as if it were populated.

Another example of this is mass production. The same thing over and over, yet either from a copy of the original or a rendering on a screen from an encoded file.

Each thing comes from a source thing. Everything recreated comes from an original source.

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A simple way to dispel an illusion created by the senses is to remove all external stimuli and recenter yourself and find out what is really happening with no outside input.

Then you find out what your reality is. No illusions.

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@Food But I think it's a good thing for every person to do, you know, personally. IMHO.

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