I just want to take a moment to appreciate just how empowering self hosting federating free open source software is on the web

decentralized free open source software, well, there's no alternative to me. There's no reason for any other way for me

Distributed networks might be better than decentralized ones because of more equity and less censorship opportunities, but that's just my view.

Would like to hear more comments and thoughts about advantages of both architectures.


I remember that was what my first intro to what a server was on a home level

Thats a good idea!

Questions of: what about odd files showing up on someones part of the computer and them being legally responsible?

Is the area contained on each individuals computer? How do distributed individuals participate in maintenance? What does the network do about tech literacy and security of individual users?

I am by no means an expert, but technology, but seems like both #torrents and #blockchain do seem to work.

I am mostly looking forward for projects like ZetoNet, IPFS, Yacy, and that is what I thing true distributated/decentralized network should look like.

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