I just want to take a moment to appreciate just how empowering self hosting federating free open source software is on the web

decentralized free open source software, well, there's no alternative to me. There's no reason for any other way for me

Distributed networks might be better than decentralized ones because of more equity and less censorship opportunities, but that's just my view.

Would like to hear more comments and thoughts about advantages of both architectures.


I remember that was what my first intro to what a server was on a home level

Thats a good idea!

Questions of: what about odd files showing up on someones part of the computer and them being legally responsible?

Is the area contained on each individuals computer? How do distributed individuals participate in maintenance? What does the network do about tech literacy and security of individual users?

I am by no means an expert, but technology, but seems like both #torrents and #blockchain do seem to work.

I am mostly looking forward for projects like ZetoNet, IPFS, Yacy, and that is what I thing true distributated/decentralized network should look like.

@Food It most certainly is. Sadly this is exactly why I fear that someday the government (even in America and Europe) will try to regulate software like Mastodon or persecute people who host instances that don't meet their #censorship standards. They're doing this to tech firms already... it makes one wonder will happen once #decentralized platforms become more mainstream.


I guess we have to come up with some digital rights resolutions

It only makes sense if we have human rights in the...

Second stage of the dawn of global computing (the social and beyond www)

going into the third (solidifying security)

@Food Our governments seem more interested in going the other way around sadly. That's why I'm looking more into technological solutions to defeat them.

Currently they can still easily go after web hosts. I'm hoping projects like #Substratum #IPFS will throw a wrench in their wheel there. They can also host and distribute their own software, in case they ever try to attack software repositories next.


This is where unlocking individual civic knowledge and power in practice is a fundamental component to keeping what we love happening

Governments alllways want to go the other way than the people. That's why we push, and realize the collective options and powers we have in them. Otherwise the nonparticipation as a person to a person in office or a body of offices is just giving up a base participation our whole reality is built on


Just being able to know what we are legally powerful to do

And then understanding what we aren't allowed to do and what we can vie for as to our goals collectively

It flips the power script

I'm not saying go out and protest

I'm saying get organized with each other and not only in tech ways, but as people that exist that use tech that also have a sway in their reality which includes civic structure


And I'm also not shaming for not doing it a specific way, because we each have a role to play and different capabilities and resources

Its more just a reminder to remember you are powerful and civics is one way

@Food This is true. For now I primarily want to see the government leaving the web alone: No more stuff like #CensorshipMachines #Article13 #ACTA2 in Europe or the war on #encryption in Australia or #SESTA #FOSTA in America. It's unacceptable that we're still here at this day and age, having to flee to our own platforms because #censorship is so out of control.

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