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This is Your moment

Hold it cherish it

Always remember who you are

Love yourself

You have to be careful what you see as power

You have to be careful what you access

A few minutes, about four plays of Mask Off by Future

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Mastodon people who are looking to read my articles DM me for the Access Password!

I'm not having randos read some of this stuff

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I made the mistake once

Of thinking I was my face and my name

What a trap

I'll never do that again

@anna I totally agree, I think many of us have been conditioned by the modern web that we'll just be handed a ready-made social life - Facebook will find our friends, Twitter will connect us to people we ought to follow. But none of its real, it's inorganic, it's shallow and it's quite often harmful.

In my experience here, Mastodon has been lonely and 'dead' whenever I've not put the effort in to make it otherwise. If I can't find anyone to interact with, the problem is with me

Its easy

Come wiith me to play in the woods near this nature preserve with the rangers

Its where I am, where I play

I wasn't really expecting distortions are strong

And sometimes you just have to stand where you really find your self

Much love

can we make clear dirt? is that a thing? i wanna make a terrarium outta glass, and have clear dirt so i can see just everything going on. i think its possible, you just have to make like a jelly thats capable of holding all the same nutrients and water as dirt

That isnt to say there wasnt love in those years because love is vector direction

I loved during those years so heavily I often forgot I had to hold love myself before sending it anywhere

The best news I ever got was when I remembered love is held inside my body

And then love is able to overflow

And I am a plant on the earth

As a human

I actually remember who I am

I love all the names I've chosen along the way

I love who I am

I was acting not in accordance with my self because I felt trapped in this new media environment (2010-2017)

My reality , my culture, my self... Was stolen.

Can you believe it that I forgot to remember my role models until this moment because people hated on them in front of me?

No, I remember my reason for loving these characters. I am a character. I'm Anastas, a human from earth

@anna @format this is the 92nd build of Windows 1934, cyber-archaeologists have not discovered an earlier version

the results from this study suggest to me that i should get a ficus or peace lily in my bedroom, and do my best to ensure it remains healthy

Can we talk about how there鈥檚 no such thing as 鈥渢rue to size鈥? Like where are these base measurements for sizing because it鈥檚 legit different everywhere????

WOW computer scientists fed thousands of toots into a NEURAL NETWORK and it got arrested for ECOTERRORISM

Adding support for custom endpoints into #Koype for #IndieAuth and #Microsub! This way, you can get started with services / tools like, and for taking an independent approach to the Web _and_ own your responses via #Koype!

I've been experimenting with that over at and should have this out and tested in 0.0.3 of Koype. I think I'm overdue for a #Patreon update ;)

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