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My revolution is entirely boring.

Minimize my participation in systems that hurt
Maximize participation in systems I support
Save resources & money
Gather and practice skills

Buy as local as possible *when possible

Volunteer for community events, political candidates that help humans,
Mutual support of aligned people

Don't own more than I need
Don't desire what is inaccessible to most

Stay realistic by focusing on money and actions instead of words

So boring I can do this daily

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My Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy Compatibility 09.02.2020 

My gender expression definitively is woman, she. Sometimes they expression

My sexuality is physically attracted to women

I can be romantically attracted to and willing to let in any type of person if it works for us both, sexually or romantically

open to many forms of closeness, in many forms, with healthy boundaries and wants and wishes considered

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For me, today's all about keeping my mood "off," if that makes sense. Or, in.

Outside of outside



There are a lot of parts of my life I don't share. And sometimes, that adds to the value of them to me.

I was having a hell of a day today until I spoke with someone who was in power that knew how to help me

Oh my gosh I have to respect my need for meditation and sacred space as much if not more than the plague

Being away from garden space is really weird. I feel that I've been away from something I need for too long, and I'm getting sick from drinking too much water lol

I don't have an issue with it though, other than I am homesick for that part of earth.

Yep, this is definitively a very inflammatorily written piece

relaxing while reading this is important

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I want to install dual boot for games though idk, my time has been spent reading a lot for some reason it's been closer to fun for me this year

No matter how far I get in my waking life I'll always end up at the same place while I'm next to sleep.

"mobian did install it for a while but stopped doing so, as this was not deemed a safe enough solution. For instance, it automatically allowed anyone who plugged in the phone through a USB cable to get all files from the phone without the need to authorize. "

"Each time you use snap you acquire another pseudo-filesystem and these get listed by mount."

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