Good afternoon

Looks delicious
Smells delicious
Tastes on balance

My body is a place to look out from
To go home after looking out
And to live how I do when I'm at home
And that the world isn't the same as me
Yet we share space

I'm ready to accept my small spot I'm in,
in the consequences, and the fruits of my labor
That I see things where I am and take note of my steps
and things where I'm not
And to not ever change my pace for a story that has
To do with me
It owes me nothing so I cut it loose
At least internally
And strive to remain in balance
With where my life comes from
Where I feel the most alive

Im ready to accept

the loud narrative of progress has nothing to do with my being as a being in connection with my roots, whether they arrive as food, electricity, internet, money, etc

Ahh friends and rice and infinite

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Following some words of wisdom from a Zen teacher I follow, I set a goal to meditate 4 out of every 5 days. My habit tracker informs me that I'll break my longest streak - three weeks, dating back to last December - if I sit tomorrow and Friday.

This is cool. I'm hoping to get to four weeks on this streak.

#PositiveReinforcement #habits #meditation

Oh gosh today is ok and good

Because I'm confronting the task ahead and that feels good

I wonder what is all I can do

I wonder what is the preparation I need to do for achieving it

Having good people and a good library study away from my home environment is key

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An patron request. Actually drug the markers out for this one.

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cause doing that it's so revealing and vulnerable and scary. but fuck it, you know? ah, i'm left with many feelings and also very motivated to tell the stories y want to tell without trying to, idk, embellish them to death.

anyway, very much recommended. got stomach butterflies and everything!

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Construction vehicles on the road by our house leading up to the bridge over the creek. They're replacing the gas main, which will mean about five more weeks of daytime traffic disruption.

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Did I ever show you the rainbow birch trees I painted? And the blue sky through trees? And looking up? I didn't, right?
Here you have these three:

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Hello, I'm an amateur music maker and linux user (#linuxmusicians), I have a lot to learn.
I put a lot of unfinished music on soundcloud, do challenges like #fawm and #songaweek, and generally muddle about aimlessly.
Nice to meet you!

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