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*sigh* domain hosting ran out and didn't autorenew.

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im confused as to where the world begins could you point that out?

Every moment today meant the most

Im happy to be home

Hopefully the bike mechanic can fix this tomorrow or recommend a bike type for the city

and she discovers a gumbo emporium is about to open... in The Twilight Zone.

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Bikes are cheap, healthy, and good for the environment; but the environment is not designed for them. #Bikes on roads are threatened by #cars; bikes on paths threaten #pedestrians.
Build a system of paths designated as bike paths, with the following properties: the #bikepaths are marked clearly with a special, easily recognizable surface (for example, a red asphalt surface). As far as possible they run along local roads, or major pedestrian paths....

So, the Finnish ministry of traffic and communication announced today, that there won't be purchase subsidy for e-bikes.

Two hours later they announced a specialist committee to find ways to get rid of traffic emissions.

So how bout some consistency and logic at first? How bout, idk, a purchase subsidy for e-bikes, just for starters?

#bikes #biking #mastobikes #traffic #emissions

As I fietsed to grab my Dutch books from post office, I spotted this basic #velopunk setting:

For no apparent reason parking bikes is forbidden next to this wall, which is under a balcony (thus rain protected) and unusable for any other purpose and there are even no shop windows that could be blocked... So I guess the property management just dislikes bikes there.

Luckily someone just ignored the signs.

#bikes #mastobikes