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♫ 0f Auditory Proliferation ✅ @Food@mastodon.art

Im in the sunrise
The east burns
The lake still
My weary heart hangs its head low
There is yet to be done more

i love Into The Breach because mechs are whatever. a tank is a mech. a plane is a mech. that trebuchet over there? boulder mech.

Leave it be theres no profit in being rea

Its so weird the funk dont stop your walk is so rotational i cant stop wanting to be floatational above the seed that we grew a garden from im not in the words in your head did you check the time recently because its not real in the way my bodypercievestime and leave it be theres no profit in being

Didnt think to take your time now youre left with another wish
Just jump through that cubicle i saw your cutiecle and please dont leave the door unlocked

Im just not a commodity and please acknowledge that you arent a box youre in and be the being you grow in too

Im not leaving th real because it didnt leave me
Didnt leave when diamonds dangled in eyes left the splat of the skies
I prefer the darkness where i rise bread on the regular
Diss toes like im agile
Im actually just a potat o
And bread is my weakness
Ill see you in charter and ill be on the wall as im dead