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My revolution is entirely boring.

Minimize my participation in systems that hurt
Maximize participation in systems I support
Save resources & money
Gather and practice skills

Buy as local as possible *when possible

Volunteer for community events, political candidates that help humans,
Mutual support of aligned people

Don't own more than I need
Don't desire what is inaccessible to most

Stay realistic by focusing on money and actions instead of words

So boring I can do this daily

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I'm the easter egg professor you find after you've completed all the other quests

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This is Your moment

Hold it cherish it

Always remember who you are

Love yourself

You have to be careful what you see as power

You have to be careful what you access

A few minutes, about four plays of Mask Off by Future

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I made the mistake once

Of thinking I was my face and my name

What a trap

I'll never do that again

Video on:

Accessibility dance, it was awesome.

Being off Google for two weeks
Email consolidation

Public Space, meetings, volunteering, builtin

Big Box Vs Local: Reality is the equalizer.

Newsletter almost out

Making it Bi-weekly because I'm moving different now

Starve state violence of attention
dismantle the structures that allow it
film it if you see it. Take receipts
Break the cycle. Because it's not OK.

It's pretty much what I'm doing with my entire life.

Because there's literally no life else to live.

Maybe my grandkids or someone elses grandkids will be able to live a life without this era.

and now that I'm out, I can at least talk about how to get out, or live lives more in tune with the earth and things

And that's pretty much what I'm doing

Because it's what will keep us alive for longer

To make note, my entire life has been getting over capitalism.

My entire life has been dealing with the decisions of people I don't know face to face who know how to count numbers and move them around

Though they have no idea how to take care of families, the earth, life in general.

And now I get to watch while they continue to make the hurtful decisions that got us here.

I'm happy to be out of capitalism.

Forgiving someone is not related to holding them accountable.

The Debt Collective has helpful resources as well as a group forum (fb free!) to discuss debt

Seen some people get some settlements there!

I have this feeling I'm the person you meet when you make it through the rabbit hole

If tonight was the last night

What would I do

Hm the last night.

Drink wine, laugh, play music, scream, ride my bike really really intensely, release my notes in a peer 2 peer server, draw a picture, have sex with loving people, read a book, review my life and seal it in an envelope, tell the people I love that I love them, middle finger to capitalism, and at the end of it all look forward to some peace and quiet

Tonight's feeling similar to the moment before the first day of summer 'vacation'

I just was notified It's actually December

If I could've done life differently I'd added more garlic

Currently we are in an alternate universe where humans mainly use cars.

I'm from the one where we mainly use bikes, among other things that are different in life.

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