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My revolution is entirely boring.

Minimize my participation in systems that hurt
Maximize participation in systems I support
Save resources & money
Gather and practice skills

Buy as local as possible *when possible

Volunteer for community events, political candidates that help humans,
Mutual support of aligned people

Don't own more than I need
Don't desire what is inaccessible to most

Stay realistic by focusing on money and actions instead of words

So boring I can do this daily

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My Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy Compatibility 09.02.2020 

My gender expression definitively is woman, she. Sometimes they expression

My sexuality is physically attracted to women

I can be romantically attracted to and willing to let in any type of person if it works for us both, sexually or romantically

open to many forms of closeness, in many forms, with healthy boundaries and wants and wishes considered

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Tech Resilience: living without big tech Today

a day in the park for me, at my table

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there's no queer liberation without black liberation, as the past 40 years have shown us

I see hate as a repulsive expression

Or a folding expression

Something that makes a human fight or flight at varying levels of escalation

I know I'm working on aligned work for the aligned people

Had an experience and met someone today in a way that cements I'm making all the decisions that are good for me at my core

not sure what to do on the more queer friendly area of town is to do and it's pretty annoying how it's on the complete opposite side of the city and then where I'm going to be is on the other side of the city entirely and coming this way cost and took time too

so now I'm going to go to the other side of the city where I'm going to be leaving for a farther side of the city

and then during the rest of the day if it was warm enough I'd be biking the entire time and that would be my saturday

I wish I could've made it as a straight false idol

I lied during this toot



Mild sobbing sessions while recounting things on important days are really important to not hold back

Mastodon is asking me what's on my mind instead of a blank field and now I'm doing something different than default


Trans, misgender 

I get misgendered at least once a day and the feelings add up to "oops" in various forms


Lots of american Chinese food


First time having orange chicken for awhile

How many times did the plane take off

Idk buddy, how many times are we flown huh?

It's been a very interesting past few days

One thing I learned is I really know myself now

and all the small bottom lines

Hah, bottom lines

experiencing body dysphoria from experiencing body euphoria

anarchist interpretations are directly tied to the means of implementation

looking at the records of how it has been expressed so far, oftentimes it requires to not be tethered to forces that don't serve its message

this is what I don't understand about most anarchist thought


I have to go to an all you can eat buffet soon

Fr Trans concerns read Rethinking the Gay and Lesbian Movement

the books from my "LGBTQ History" class that I skimmed or just didn't read because I overloaded myself with classes to graduate,

Now I have time to read them and wow lol @ me in the gender closet in that class wearing a button down shirt and a watch

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