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$14 for a 1972 PNB issued Western Electric 2500 set in avacado?? How could I resist?

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Times cool when I can move through it smooth and retrieve my executive functioning

Do you matter?
Are you matter?

You're matter
your matters


What a joy to start the day as listening to

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Friends voices on the air:

Radio host, and professional plant dude

speaking about life and plants and gardening in our city, with music attached!


For a few days my monomania was hyperfocused on purchasing a flagship industry standard mic

I realized by the end of it, I was acting on the verge of insanity

So I dropped the image of it all

@food Nice innit? If I was shelling out for any DAW it'd be either for that or for Ardour.

If Bitwig turns out to be as powerful a tool as they say it can be, I may be able to bring over some focus onto Linux Audio through interesting artists and producers in 'how that awesome sound was exactly gotten' method

it's possible, and now is an excellent opportunity to plan it out

given the industry standard computers os or hardware are hardcore sucking (mac + win) in my view and a ton of other pros have said to me this as well!

Of course, ideal is foss, we'll get everyone there

Audio for linux: Bitwig
Similar to Ableton

1. open mastodon
2. see everyone giving lots of love and affection and being cute and nice and memey and cool
3. keep mastodon open bc it's good

Have heart, and hold yours, and choose wisely and accurately with analysis moment to moment

Its also called awareness but I like techie stuff