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This is Your moment

Hold it cherish it

Always remember who you are

Love yourself

You have to be careful what you see as power

You have to be careful what you access

A few minutes, about four plays of Mask Off by Future

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I made the mistake once

Of thinking I was my face and my name

What a trap

I'll never do that again

I'm not at a wifi place yet, and I'm saving my data for survival purposes, though I'll be able to be closer on here than I have been able to be the past three weeks

See you soon Mastobuddies

I missed being on Mastodon, it's quite the place to be!

I'm almost surprised I'm super excited for the future.

The difference between reactionary politics and standing with your values and for the cultures that you're in support of

Reactionaries always seem to be speaking from a place of keeping the wave going of reacting without any sort of destination.

If I could see the numbers that my brain is processing every moment, and perceive them, at the same time as life is being rendered by my cpu (brain) which is a nonbinary processor capable of multidimensional processing that's more than what our mechanical nonbiological computers can accomplish,

That'd be cool lol

My idea of a date night: going to the laundromat and relaxing while doing our laundry

In high school I think the reason why my spelling was british was because of Linux as my only computer

The peace I achieved last night and all through this morning has been excellent

Honestly now that I'm back in Hyde Park I'm just going to take a break day because every resource of mine was depleted by moving north and then back south.

I'm now refilling my well of beauty.

... and playing Starcraft at a coffee shop lol

This is equally terrible and funny, that each day I arrive at this coffee shop more disheviled and frazzled.

Just because someone can't take your money they choose to throw you out

because they're angry that they can't take your money

Even though the original explicit agreement was not about that said agreement that arrived suddenly and with manipulation

lol. Life.

Some people they just never will wake up

Others are just tired lol

People really show you themselves when they have power and control over your situation.

Attempted entrapment roommate kicked me out, after I answered her question of how my place and job search was going well. She attempted to gaslight me, and did a countdown of six weeks to two weeks to one week and then today, which I agreed to and started moving my things out.

Now I'm just waiting for a van

Abuse, Continued Cycles, America 

Abuse, Continued Cycles, America 

Abuse, Continued Cycles, America 

Abuse, Continued Cycles, America 

I hope our humanity can make sense of how our ideological philosophies we Live helps or hurts our environment, as well as our biological self.

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