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No matter what, even if we are opposed forces in the world, I would wish for each human being to be able to love themselves, actively.
No matter how vile other people could be.

A lot of situations could be alleviated by focusing on the basics and then showing you care, first about your self and then outward.

And it's not always going to match up. It's life.
It's worth it to me as long as I am accepting of myself unconditionally, and loving myself

And of course, respecting others

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This is Your moment

Hold it cherish it

Always remember who you are

Love yourself

You have to be careful what you see as power

You have to be careful what you access

A few minutes, about four plays of Mask Off by Future

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I made the mistake once

Of thinking I was my face and my name

What a trap

I'll never do that again

I wish I could have a realization or something breakthrough and have a *click* happen in my life.

Attempting to make fire with damp wood. Lol.
And without tinder

Chess is fun and all but have you played Link against Shadow Link in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time?

One hour of musical composition in Musescore (comes with AVLinux)

And I don't think it's a coincidence Emma Goldman's writings are in private collection at special hours at the public library lol

I'm especially enjoying reading this book on the autobiographies of people who were at Haymarket.

They write deliberately and very literally. They remember who they are, who their families were, what they're doing, it's refreshingly poignantly internally validatingly human

Something I didnt piece together until today: The Haymarket situation in Chicago was closely after the great Chicago Fire. Both extremely monumental shifts for a lot of people in the world, not to mention this book I've completed on Voltairine's life

Cheese tactics are just like, why play at all

Legit to use, not fun to counter, not very interesting

Hong Kong, Chicago, Organization Vs Assimilation 

What better thing to do after being at the library finishing up work than going to the corner to practice violin on the street

(Today is beautiful)

By all means participate in capitalist value extraction mechanisms, I will sit by on the sidelines while you waste away internally and externally.

OR, join me in the infinite world of Books


Seems like the library is on point with being aware of what's actually happening in life.

Also all these news sources in one spot. And informed books and librarians.

What an important place in society

Does this meet accessibility standards

Emojis are pretty universal language

Here is what i have just learned about being an artist in your city that makes music:

you have to take care to define boundaries with each person you meet, because a lot of people want to be themselves and with me all the way though I am not looking at all for the stories we often gear towards each other and seek out others for roles

Art is hard work.

I'm living my life this way for a lot of reasons. I'm performatively not a lot of things people expect and i wont bs

I have set a purpose.

Wish i could be in the peoples lives directly i care about

I'm having to keep a lot of myself very Public and some of myself with people in my life, and some important moments just for me

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