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It's going to be enough forever

Until I have to call the company about battery replacement

And then I'll have a larger setup I made myself

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My revolution is entirely boring.

Minimize my participation in systems that hurt
Maximize participation in systems I support
Save resources & money
Gather and practice skills

Buy as local as possible *when possible

Volunteer for community events, political candidates that help humans,
Mutual support of aligned people

Don't own more than I need
Don't desire what is inaccessible to most

Stay realistic by focusing on money and actions instead of words

So boring I can do this daily

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My Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy Compatibility 09.02.2020 

My gender expression definitively is woman, she. Sometimes they expression

My sexuality is physically attracted to women

I can be romantically attracted to and willing to let in any type of person if it works for us both, sexually or romantically

open to many forms of closeness, in many forms, with healthy boundaries and wants and wishes considered

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My fun impulsive behavior loses the game

if it was a tournament I would be


you build up intuition by practicing what you're conscious of

hence my nonparticipation in a lot of for-profit systems

I'm not

Focaulsing on mutual aid within my means within my area to my extent I can help

Personal (+) 

sometimes, you just have to let other people keep on keeping on while you keep on building .

I'm only saying this for myself .


"The border patrols [are] reserved for the displaced, not those responsible for their displacement β€” those, that is, who really live in a world of open borders."

"Why doesn't this just take off like a wildfire!?"

people into it: 3 in the world

: D

more meaning for me I guess

ok this person is taking an unreasonably long time to make a move

its ok I'm just, sorta,

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ok it's time for chess, for relaxing

sometimes I forget as to why I'm doing things to enjoy my life

and then when I do the things then I'm doing much better than before

and to accept love (I actually hate that word for the American usage), from my self, is

work in progress

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