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Ch00-se P34ce This Onl! H4PPenZ OuNcIII In PaIaIIIel Li + €$ ✓✓✓ 🍍🍞💜🗝️

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When you're swimming in shark infested waters, remember to bring a shark cage

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thinking about free choice

thinking about care for human

thinking about consent

debating on whether or not to play video games

literally could die tomorrow so im living now instead

the air is whipping itself outside asphalt dripping air humidity saturated

im inside dry (ish)

favorite part about this song is how disjointed it is and dancing to it is to say the least interesting

Theres a certain skeleton dance going on lvl up

I'm your fucin fairy godmother disinfect your shiiiiiiii p

I'll not adapt the unhealthy habit of leaving a computer on that I'm not near.

I'm on earth I don't know where U are L O L. 🍞

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