I ship everyone with everyone in but I have a soft spot for these two monster girlfriends 🐈 🦂

They're the best! You might be able to tell I'm a bit of a fan.

@Caelyn I can see that! Scorpia is my fav with Adora, I love her so much!

@FlohGna A tall monster girl who talks about not fitting in because she's different? That's always gonna hit me right in the trans girl feels.

for lastboost: Fanart of the characters Catra and Scorpia in an embrace. They both look smitten, each in their own way. @FlohGna

@FlohGna Fucking FINALLY some Scorpia/Catra content my shipper heart was dying and u saved me thank u

@lj_writes you’re welcome!! I don’t see them a lot so I HAD to do something!

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