Hi everyone, new member here! Floh, they/she, 25.
I draw badass & cute women & LGBT+. I also run Dames zine & have a webcomic, Tamaan’s Destiny, that should start again in February!
Nice to meet you all!

@FlohGna Woooooow, I love your art *_*. Badass and cute women? Counts me in!

@FlohGna Thank you for sharing your work here, with the rest of us (^ω^).

@FlohGna Hi !! Welcome to the fediverse !! Your drawings are nice, I hope you'll post a link to Tamaan's Destiny here when it starts again !

@alice Thank you 💕 !
I’ll sure do! You can already check it a bit here:
Tho I’m planning to redraw the first chapters & add ✨animations✨

@FlohGna Thanks !!! Keep up the good work. ¿ Vos gusta tambien charlar en español o prefieres el ingles ?

@alice Castellano me va tambien, sobre todo que viviendo en Francia y en ôtera ciudad que mi familia, no tengo muchas occasiones de hablarlo!

@FlohGna Nunca tengo occasiones de hablar castellano tampoco, así que le estoy olvidando ^^ No sé porqué pero no he encontrado muchas personas hablandolo aqui en el Fediverse.

@FlohGna Ooooh someone from the wonderful zine! Welcome to mastodon :D

@FlohGna welcome to the fediverse! Badass and cute women are definitely relevant to my interests :blobthumbsup:

@FlohGna your art is fricking awesome, I love that first one in the library and the portrait of the two characters! <3

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