I was going to crop this picture but the cat deserves to be shown. He's not my cat but he acts as he was 😂

So, talking about ! I'm a firm believer of referencing everything. Not to copy, but to reference. My brain is not an Al you know. So, I referenced a lot for this illustration, as I always do, but for some strange reason I painted those reeds without any reference. I'm feeling the pain. Yes, it's not that bad, but it could have been waaay better 😬

@khurrum Thanks! 😍 The reeds situation blocked me and I don't quite know how to finish it, but it'll come 😂 Just needs a bit of rest for my part to reconnect my neurones lol

@FionaGarcia Very beautiful! To your "mistakes": You point me through your words to picture elements that my eye has not perceived at first, because your image composition leads me to completely different places in the picture. Now that I see the plants, however, I do not feel them as a mistake - quite the opposite 🙂

@olisch Thanks! I wanted the reeds and other elements to direct the attention to the sphere and the frog 😊. I'm really glad you like it!!

@FionaGarcia It is lovely - has a classic book illustration quality. Very well done atmosphere and tone.

@JPK_elmediat that's perhaps the best thing you could say about a picture of mine 😍 I'm glad you feel that old tale art feeling! Still a bit of work to do, reinforce the ambience and detailing a bit

@FionaGarcia The reeds get the frog´s surroundings across, and the atmosphere is very convincing. I love it. It makes me want to dive into the fairy tale behind it, dreaming away. (IMO one of the most beautiful feelings a picture can initialize.)

@LindaG wow, thanks a lot! Frogs, ponds, reeds... All of that make me think of fairytales so I'm really happy you felt that aswell in the illustration!

@FionaGarcia That's such a nice frog. I love the surreal composition so much. And the palette is so neat. Great work!

@tuatarara thanks! The cat is living the best life possible haha, he is the king of the village

@FionaGarcia The reeds look perfectly fine to me. They are less detailed for a purpose: to direct the viewers eye to the more detailed and beautiful colored areas

@Dariyue Thanks! I'm glad you see it that way, it seems to be the general feeling 😄🌟

@FionaGarcia Whether or not he’s your cat, he clearly regards you as his human. ;)

@the_gneech Yeah, he has been introducing himself in our lifes like a ninja, forcing my cats to accept him and slowly approaching the dogs. Now he comes to our daily walks. My cats aren't really excited about him but at least they let him come with us, that's a lot coming from them 😂

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