Wish I had a "behind the scene" video for this pic. 15min of potatoes throwing through the kitchen to have Vaas looking in the right direction.

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@ashneehs "if it's roughly round, it's a ball.
If it's kinda yellow, it's a ball too.
My owner stocks many kg of balls in the kitchen for whatever reason"
Dog, probably

@Famine aw so silly and playful. I love that pic and your art! he looks like my (distant) doggo 😻

@alleycat awwww, lovely german shepherd ! She's one too, but a working dog bloodline so she doesn't look really much like the classic GS. They're so amazing dogs ! I will stick to GS all my life haha.
And thank you !

@Famine yess, they are so adorable :) and their oversized flappy ears when they are small are so funny xD sorry didnt realize its a she! Vaas is a really epic name :3

@alleycat Yeah haha, at some point I was praying it wouldn't grow any bigger... How your is named ?

@Famine this is amazing (not just because there is a dog in the picture!),
imagine you painted this scene and had your dog pose next to the result

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