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Hey lads !
After a long time away from Mastodon, I'm back.
I sadly can't access my old account anymore so I've lost my dear followers & followings, so if some of you can boost this statuse it would help me a lot to reach them back ! :)
I miss them !

It's also why good handcrafted leatherwork is expensive. The material isn't cheap, and on top of that there is a consequent amount of time invested.
But with good care, it can last a life-long. And you buy something special, with a soul, not something going straight off a factory on the other side of the world.
Better invest in a good quality product and buy it once, than a cheap alternative and buy it 10 times. 5/5

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After this step, my friends Bee Wax and "Lissette" come in da place.
I apply bee wax on the edge and rub it energetically with this wooden tool for a consequent amount of time.
By this action, the leather's fibers will stick together and form a kind of soft polished "crust".
It's a long and tiring process, but I prefer this to the alternative that uses a protective varnish that looks like plastic. I'm an DIY art lover anyway, the hardest the better.

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But how do you do this ?
First step, you need to use a specific tool, called "abat carre" in french (I don't have a clue about the English name, sorry).
His role is to cut through the leather edge. You do this on both side.
It looks easy to use but it's not so much, you need to apply a constant strength with a smooth movement, or you will have a lot of irregularity in deepness and straightness. 3/?

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preventing humidity and water to go inside. It prevents cracks on the leather edge too.
It's also more comfortable to wear this way, and it's important because this piece will be wear a couple of hours straight on the skin, with movement implied. 2/?

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Leatherworking ; a thread.

First of all, I really want to focus on one point : the work on the leather's slice.
A cheap to medium quality leatherwork will simply have straight, unworked edges because it makes it easier and faster to do.
In this pic, you can see the major difference between an unworked slice, and a waxed and worked one.
Why doing this ?
First, because it's better-looking ofc. But most importantly because it will greatly improve the leather durability by 1/?

So, I'm a lot into leatherwork those days. Be ready to be spammed, I will post some steps by steps pictures.
Feel free to ask questions about the process !

@glitchyhare Or sometimes, a long-haired pup with 5 generations of short haired. Or a white GS (now it's a breed, but back in time they were killed at birth because of color...).
Colors genetic is an amazing topic !

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@glitchyhare Great breeders know or assume what color genotype their dogs carry by looking at the whole pedigree and offspring of each dogs, but sometimes an allele can stay silent for a while until you match it with a dog who has it too.
For example, you can have 10generations of classic colored Malinois shepherds, and still got a brindle pup because a long time ago, the breed was mixed with Dutch shepherds.

You can't deal with how wunderbar my copilot is. No one will spit drool into your ears like him when you're trying to focus on the road.

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Mr.IngWolf, ~first digital painting (and painting at all) I just did.
Such a good boy.

Now I'm stuck into "how much should I go into details ?". If I listen to myself, I will never stop, be frustrated at some point and just give up.
When do you think "that's enough" ?

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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic and stars ✨

✦ Site & shop:
✦ Commission info:
✦ Art prints:
✦ Phone wallpapers, coloring pages:

Work hard to understand the painting bases : nothing happens for a year
Do not touch a pen for a month : understand it out of nowhere.

Friendly reminder that your brain and knowledge work always in the background and can suddenly process out of the blue something you've been unsuccessfully trying to handle for a while.
Let's hope that now I will understand colors lmao, miracles happen.

I really need to show y'all one of the pics a friend of mine did of his pet mouse because I can't stop laughing

Therapist : cheap Geralt of Rivia isn't real and he can't hurt you
cheap Geralt of Rivia :

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