I worked primarily in this style for about ten years. It gradually faded from daily use as I took on more visdev work and less band/tee/comic focused stuff.

I mistakenly felt like mass, painterly work was somehow more skillful and REAL art. It took me years to get over my self-imposed imposter syndrome and insecurity over being a self taught line-centric art dude.

Doing it again now feels like putting on a pair of old, worn but perfectly fitting pair of boots -- I need more of this in my life.

@FRENDEN That's some Wally Wood-level stuff, man! I love your other work, but would also love to see some more of this! :)

@tankgrrl I’m doubling down on it. I haven’t had this much fun in ages. I’m working on some modules for Mutant Crawl Classics and this is going to be my “house” style. 👍

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