Plantient fella. I'll be making some more Mutant Crawl Classics class/race drawings here in a bit.

Figuring out my color palette for this dude.

Working in Krita. My new tools -- one named Scorch. It's a fun painter.

I've got my palette figured out. That's always the hardest part for me. Now comes the mindless fun bit -- coloring like a kid with crayons, haha. 👍



Kept the color count low. I wanted to get a lot out of a small color ramp that relied on desaturated, complimentary colors to stretch out the limited values present. Kinda like pixel art.

@sexybenfranklin I'm trying to learn to sculpt in Blender 2.8 atm. It's a goal for sure.

@FRENDEN i kinda want to learn to sculpt as well. One of the list of many things I'd love to learn to do.

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