Krita is running so well on my Mint install atm. It makes it hard to want to work on, and in, anything else.

@FRENDEN no issues with saving bundles? I can't edit them, can't save many brushes and brush presets to new bundle. Ubuntu here.

@deerbard Bundles as a creator remain really broken. I manually manage my settings by backing up my user settings folders and manually inserting and deleting brushes. Only way around it.

@FRENDEN god it would be my dream to move totally over to Mint/Krita for work, but there's just no one working on driver for Huion's screens there and programming is totally out of my wheelhouse

@ShugoWah Yeah. I'm on Mint and in Krita most of the time now. It's preferable -- but even my Cintiq can be a little hit or miss with distros depending on kernels and things.

@FRENDEN All I can do is like, cast that wish out into the universe and hope it spurs someone to take on the work, haha

@FRENDEN O-oh jeez, wait, haha

I searched for it again out of boredom and just found a driver project I'd never seen before

@ShugoWah I've seen that before! I kicked the tires on it a couple of years back. I was thinking maybe you had a new one that wasn't covered. Last I tried, it did make a Monoprice that used Huion internals work.

@FRENDEN mmm I have an exciting week of experimentation ahead, maybe

@ShugoWah The latest Ubuntu won't detect Wacom styli and the official forums and things are like, It's a Debian bug, go fuck yourself, it will get fixed when it gets fixed. Haha. So I stick to Mint.

@ShugoWah I tried Manjaro and Neon, but I'm just so used to Gnome at this point.

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