I joined a Monster of the Week rpg group a couple of weeks ago and the game uses two D6s to run.

These hand forged, cast iron D6s probably will never roll true, but how can I not use them?

I wasn’t expecting to find a farrier making dice in Prague this week, but I’m rolling with it.

@mraichelson I have some other metal dice, but these are the death metal version, haha.

@FRENDEN The d6 is pretty good for not being unbalanced when it’s made of steel. Something about the sheer mass of it prevents any slight variations from having an effect.

So roll away!!

@KARiley40 I thought I might take the time to test and see which of the six or so I purchased rolled truest, but I’m not sure I have the dedication, haha. So this is welcome news.

@FRENDEN yeah they look like the blacksmith got all the sides pretty even, so you shouldn’t notice. Good find, btw!

@FRENDEN These look awesome but you poor, poor table!

@BID I’m gonna roll them into a mat or something for sure. Or just buy a new table weekly. Haha.

@FRENDEN HOnestly it's worth it just for the cred, that's so hecking cool.

@Musashi_M For sure. I bought some extras to gift to folks. Really rad.

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