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I’m an and fella with a leaning. I’ve been at it over fifteen years and I’m still learning every day.

A lot of my work is NDA, but here are a few recent doodles and some client work for my .

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Long thoughts on the #ideation, #thumbnail, and #sketch phase of drawing. Show more

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I might start streaming some making on . Jumping the gun a bit, but I’m making .

Working on the couch with the iPad Pro and watching Overwatch League.

I've always liked my ninja turtles leaning more towards turtle than ninja.

A favorite dexterity and creativity warm-up of mine is to quickly scribble random shapes and then try to make something from it.

If you use (4.0+) and want to help me test out some inking tools, you can download them here:

I'd love feedback on whether or not they load properly, etc.

Don't redistribute. They aren't ready for public consumption.

I'm not sure what started the thing, but, sure, I'll bite.

I've been buying a metric assload of traditional art supplies lately. Sometimes it's just so much easier than digital in a way that is intuitive and hard to relate.

You put the thing what makes the mark on the paper and it makes the mark.

I used TeePublic to direct to garment print my Destiny/MonHun clan's tees. DTG/print on demand tee quality has gone way up.

I've been out of the tee slinging game for a bit, but I wouldn't hesitate to use DTG for short run/fun stuff now. It seems totally passable.

I usually don't cross-post, but I think this video demonstrating a new tree branch brush with randomized segments is a bit long for Masto.


The best advice I’ve gotten on character design was to start with silhouettes and use a brush bigger than you feel comfortable with.
The big, unwieldy tool helps keep you loose, doesn’t allow you to obsess over small details, and ensures your silhouettes read at distance.

I give myself permission to make really terrible things, heck, I aim for it -- your taste will kick in and restrain those tendencies, but having permission to fail is so freeing.

Couldn't sleep. Here's a stuffed bear in a jean jacket and a fez.

Self portrait doodle dealie.

Couch doodling some characters from an audibook I'm listening to. Doing both on the iPad Pro. I'm still digging it and Clip together.

Ever have those days where the best thing that comes out of you is a half-formed margin doodle that has squat to do with dick-all?

Remember that pencil tool I posted yesterday? Here's the inker for Clip.

See previous toot for info on how to best use tilt functions in Clip Studio.

Heyheyhey. Here's an updated version of my (current) favorite Clip Studio pencil tool that reacts to tilt and direction. It works swell with the Pencil on iPad Pro or Wacom tech on desktop.

I'm updating my whole set with the new tilt options in Clip.

Using WinTab in Clip's settings on desktop and unchecking Use Windows Ink in Wacom's settings works best for tilt tools for Clip Studio atm. Just a heads-up. Tilt and Windows Ink seem not so happy to co-exist.

The hardest part of creating, lately, is getting familiar with — and sitting in — a feeling of discomfort for long periods of time. Understanding that most things worth saying are personal and being okay with being vulnerable is fucking hard. At least for me.

This is my kitchen nook setup for my iPad Pro. A stand and a bluetooth, mechanical keyboard stow in the seat when I'm not working.