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I’m seeing a lot of new faces which is rad. Here’s some work to give you an idea of what I like to make.

Hint, monsters. Lots of monsters.

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Long thoughts on the #ideation, #thumbnail, and #sketch phase of drawing. 

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Last of today’s adventure module art. Space at the top for the story info.

Whoooooops. Forgot to add the legs to the foremost insect.

Twenty minutes. I start by inking a loose outline and then just ink more over that. No pencils.

This method is basically me saying I need to trust my instincts and allow myself to be messy and stop polishing things to death.

Two hours of work (straight to inks) on some adventure module book art.

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Been working on different style options for commissions
we shall see if this becomes a thing :0

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Drawing some beasts and things for an adventure module. The last two days of noodling.

I’m doing almost all my finished work on an iPad Pro lately.

Weightloss shit. 

Power’s out and I have a few deadlines, so I’m arty-ing like it’s 1999.

I just got a Mac for the first time in a few years. Between the iPad Pro being an art device I use daily and recently switching to an iPhone off of Android, it felt inevitable.

I missed using Scrivener natively, so that's a big positive. But I gotta say, iCloud is a thonker. I'll stick to Dropbox.

Is there a single human that uses and likes iCloud?

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Shoutout to Steak, my half-elf Warlock that just rolled 6 for the first four of his 4d6 x6, drop lowest, stats.

I usually roll around the standard array, but damn.

Finally finished this two page spread of .

The composition seems a bit funky at a glance, but there's a gutter in the middle.

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