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I’m seeing a lot of new faces which is rad. Here’s some work to give you an idea of what I like to make.

Hint, monsters. Lots of monsters.

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Long thoughts on the #ideation, #thumbnail, and #sketch phase of drawing. Show more

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Plane doodling. You can see some of my process by looking for what isn’t finished here. Fifteen hours of travel done.

I read all three Martha Wells Murderbot books during the flight — dude, are those good. I just wish the fourth was out.

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I've made a deliberate choice against a quoting feature because it inevitably adds toxicity to people's behaviours. You are tempted to quote when you should be replying, and so you speak at your audience instead of with the person you are talking to. It becomes performative. Even when doing it for "good" like ridiculing awful comments, you are giving awful comments more eyeballs that way. No quote toots. Thank's

It’s very hard to take a bad photo in Brussels.

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So this past April I taught a "How to Draw Horses" workshop at in Alaska, and I think it's about time I really shore up my notes and get serious about making something I could release to the public.

But I'll need some help: Do any of my mutuals want to be a sounding board? I need someone to help me make decisions about what to include/remove, layout, readability, etc. (No horse knowledge required!)

Let me know if you're interested in lending a hand! ✨ 🐎 ✨

Plane doodles make twelve-ish hours of flying go much, much quicker.

No plan here. Just passing the time.

Foster kitty! Jean La Foote, aka Nugget. She and her fostermate came in to the shelter my wife works at with bad feet. Her other buddy has already been adopted, but she’s still too little.

She’s recovered well, is out of her soft cast and is now terrorizing all items that stand upright that can be toppled over by a being weighing a smidge over two pounds. She’s a great arting companion.

I used to work in animal rescue too — my wife and I had a shelter that specialized in feral cats.

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So hype about these new patches I just got. Can't wait to ship them out to backers :) ...but that's one of many orders I still have to receive

‪Heading to Belgium for a week of . We’ve gone to a couple of races a year for the last five years or so. ‬

‪First time at Spa though. Pretty stoked. We’re sitting in the grand stands on eau rouge. 🏁🏎‬

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I keep a weekly story file in that I add pages to as I draw and fill them up.

Syncing one file to Clip/Dropbox with most of my weekly studies inside it allows me to easily keep a digital on the go (and not lose to stacked, hidden layers were I keeping just one doc.)

The whole cutout style animation thing is wholly new for me — this trailer I made a month or so ago was my first time using After Effects. And it was a heap of fun.

To setup a cutout/paperdoll style animation like my avatar, I plan my sketch with different colors for each part that will be rigged later.

This is my initial sketch with each segment being inked on its own layer in its own color. I have no idea if this is the common methodology, but this is how my bad brain makes sense of it.

I made myself a looping avatar. It's a little framey to hit a Masto-friendly filesize so I'm not sure if I'm going to use it.

‪All previous sleep deprivation derived jokes aside, I’m really digging the line quality of this new brush.‬

‪It’s pretty analog without looking way too chopped up — akin to when I ink with a real brush and scan it. It keeps the inks from looking too clean OR artificially dirty.‬

I love grease pencils. They don’t let you hesitate. Every mark is dark and permanent. But you still get a heap of value variance.

Ever since I worked on a line of SpongeBob illustrations for Nick, the little dude shows up in my sketchbooks in unexpected places. He’s just so... odd.

I went ahead and uploaded that Voorhees art to TeePublic.

I apologize for the pun-laden title and description. 👀

The imposter syndrome is real today. I always get hit with it hard if something I make gets even the teensiest amount of praise. Stupid brain.

I’d like to trade this brain in. Does anyone know what the going rate is for bad brains? Can it net me a new mechanical keyboard or something?

I’m proooobably done with this minus a curves adjustment.

Pamela’s done. On to a lake scene behind Jason; our right, his left.

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