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I’m seeing a lot of new faces which is rad. Here’s some work to give you an idea of what I like to make.

Hint, monsters. Lots of monsters.

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Long thoughts on the #ideation, #thumbnail, and #sketch phase of drawing. Show more

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Two things I need to fix to be set:

One, there's some cursor offset and I need to see how to calibrate it -- I didn't see a multipoint calibration GUI, but I wasn't looking hard either.

Two, this screen tearing is no bueno.

Okay. So getting to manually set the report and sampling rates of the Wacom driver in KDE is fucking clutch. Love that.

It's something that can vastly change drawing feel and not accessible in Windows/OS X.

Neon, installed. Krita Lime PPA, installed. Cintiq, installed and configured. Nvidia drivers, installed -- but I'm getting tearing.


Neeeeeon installed and running. Now to setup Krita, Blender, and my Cintiq...

I was always a pretty basic Ubuntu or Mint dude on my Linux machines in the past. I think I'm going to try Neon though.

Damnit. Now I want to try and install Linux on this super ornery UEFI MSI board again.

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after last night's image server downtime I just wanted to remind y'all to backup your toots but I backup y/our amazing art 3 times a day now of 140+GB

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When you finish all the easy stuff, then realize you made a huge mistake by staying up this late.

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Mastodon is like the internet if the internet was run by people who thought the internet was a mistake

I tend to be a bit too precious when I render form and end up with a sort of molded, plastic, overly burnished result.

Tools with texture help me stay loose and not overdo things.

I was getting a bit bored in Clip Studio, so I decided to move to Krita to kill this piece off.

I made a tool with some subtle impasto to it and I'm digging the way it helps break up solid areas of color.

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7. Nail art continues to bring me great joy. I love the splashes of colour and figuring out new ways of combining designs.

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Anyone else like drawing with their tablet monitor an inch from their eyes?

Just me? Burning out my retinas you say? Cool. Coolcoolcool.

So many talented folks here. The local timeline is so rad.

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I want to promote something a fellow Netizen does.

@Cryoclaire has a wonderful comic:

and some amazing designs available at:

I personally love her work, and would advise you to go take a look...

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Also, I made a playlist of relaxing Animal Crossing music on YouTube if y'all need 7-hours worth of sweet, calming music to upgrade your day:

#np #NowPlaying

I slept for two hours and I had to get up and work on this. This thing is getting rest-of-the-fucking-owl'd today if it kills me, haha.

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