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Hello world, I'm Fyre, 24, mainly does digital arts and character designs, but really, i draw everything, i hope to share my arts and meet more amazing artists around here

You can find me here:

Art of my son and his three paus, closed species from arpg species group on deviantart islands-of-pau, which was inactive and is now coming back to live
The son in the middle is Kieran, the fox in his arm is Arrow, the thing kn his shoulder is Evi and the yellow one is Colf, which is also the father to Arrow and Evi

two pokesona concepts, a starly/spinarak fusion & a wurmple line/poliwag line fusion (w a silcoon evolving into a dustox bc Trans).... i'm rlly leaning towards the silcoon/poliwhirl boy tbh

Just made a pokesona. Late to the part but I'm pretty proud of this 😭 it's basically me as a pokemon.

Adoptables of my species, Datadiggers
Check them out here
Feel free to add me on discord to offer fyre#5314

Commissions are once again open! I’m going into September with barely enough for 3 weeks food and /no/ money for bills and still haven’t found employment.

You can find prices and examples here :)

I also have a ko-fi
And a cashtag - $xenocat

I forgot to post on this site, here's my alolan vulpix and magikarp going on an adventure in a foggy forest


This was a cute summer feely chibi drawing I made for fun ❤️
It also has a speedpaint video that showcases the progress!

Here's an art that i was and is still proud of
It's flash animated
See the animation here:
Character belonged to me when i made this, but they aren't mine anymore now, he belongs to my friend now
he is a closed species called Kebanzu

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here and learn this new platform ♥ My name is Ghostimu, I make digital art, games and animations.
I am trying to draw more backgrounds and have been working on armor design for a bit. I also am learning 3D sculpting. You can expect to see cute girls and fantasy art from me!

Pleased to meet you!🌸

Hey there! My name is Ellen, but y'all can call me Frosty! I'm a university student with a dream of becoming a vet, passion for drawing, and obsession with Warframe. You'll see me draw a lot of fanart and art of my OCs 💞 I also stream sometimes.


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