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A birthday gift I made for @Eskiworks last year of her character, Shadow! I'm still really proud of how this one turned out!

A bit of world building from my story, TeaFeathers! These guys are the Fen'Dimali, a seafaring tribe of pylura (cats) and alecani (my winged canines).

I'm looking to fill out my timeline here with pretty art, recommend me your fav artists on here!

Recently finished petite place for Seyumei! I have made TONS of these since I was last active here, I'll post more soon!

Woah, hello Mastodon! It's been a while, I'm going to try to give this place another try. It's a lot quieter here, so I might post some WIPs and other things that don't normally go on twitter.

Hati, devourer of the celestial yolk. 8.5" X 13" gouache and metallic watercolor Commission for @howlitzer

Sometimes, a post-it note colored pomeranian is necessary.

A good piece to christen this new account with; finished full illustration commission for WolfWings! This is his brown Hyena character, Splitpaw, who is selling a powerful magical artifact to a local trusted dealer. This was such a blast to work on!

I finally made it to the art instance! Getting set up now :)


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