Finally getting back to doing some more art!

Here are some "warmup sketches" that took way too long.

Shes, a protagonist from the project im working on. I wanted to make some sketches of her in her casual wear, when she's not going out.

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I want to get better with colors, so i picked some that go well together and just did whatever, and this is what happened.

I'm definitely gonna do more of these, seems like a nice exercize.

@Kuru like they want me to agree with them that philosophy is pointless

@JasminGris I certanly try! >:3

Sometimes it's really hard to be creative after a day of work. I'm getting to terms that it's ok if it doesn't always work out.

Since I study philosophy and hang out with people who study sciences, I'm often in a position where I have to defend the validity of what I do and what I'm interested in.

It really gets to me sometimes..

ooh, I forgot about mastodon for a while. Having lots of exams have no time for art, rly frustrating...

@jens just need to get a new board. I'm determined to live my dream of being a rad teen.

Also need to make some friends to do it with me ahah

My biggest regret is that I wasn't a skater at 15

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The theme of this piece from 2010, titled "Swimming in the Deep End", is the conscientious exploration of the depths; whether that be depth of self, or depth of a particular issue; sometimes the answers and meaning we're looking for can only be achieved by diving into the deep, into the dark, like that of the ocean. (Repost from old account.)

I really want to get to a point with my art, where I can just scribble random stuff and feel fulfilled.

Bonus points if the scribbles are really good and imaginative

@godtierchaoticgay Thank you!! ;w;

It's still strange, but I'm kinda getting used to it, pretty nice people here

Being tired r e a l l y sucks. There's nothing more frustreting than trying to be creative when your brain is barely holding itself together.

I dont recomend having exams -10/10

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Undulis, the roaming druid!

One of the dnd character illustrations I did, but this one is for my gf and I plan on making it a poster. It's probably the best thing I've ever made 😳

I rly focused on having strong shapes and contrasts, definitely gonna work on it more in the future. I'm looking for where best to learn about graphic design, I really think my art would benefit from it

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