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Undulis, the roaming druid!

One of the dnd character illustrations I did, but this one is for my gf and I plan on making it a poster. It's probably the best thing I've ever made 😳

I rly focused on having strong shapes and contrasts, definitely gonna work on it more in the future. I'm looking for where best to learn about graphic design, I really think my art would benefit from it

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I'm Erine F/22, doing some digital art when I can!
Working on some illustration and comic projects, but still figuring things out. I mostly do character stuff but I do landscapes and some environments from time to time.

I have no idea what to expect here but I hope it's nice πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Just found myself thinking about mastodon and how cool it actually is...

It's almost odd to think of a social media platform that isn't made to suck you in and eat your soul, that is, to milk as much profit of you as possible and in the process make you addicted.

It became rare to find a place where you can just exist in a community and interact with it like normal people. Even though i'm not active that much here, I'm glad that smth like this exists.

Don't ask me why she's so angry 😳

Experimenting with style, and reading too much Jojo. I only draw people in this pose lmao...

Jellous of people who regularly put out finished illustrations with full colours and lineart. You guys are gods among men.

Maybe the best approach to extreme boredom is to acknowledge that it is okay not to be motivated, and doing nothing is okay too.

I want to believe that it's possible do find fulfillment by just existing.

Some books I ordered just came in, will to live restored.

My sister got covid, so I'm in super-quarantine for the time being. She's doing pretty well, so that's nice.

Other than that, boredom is sucking every bit of motivation for anything. I'm just sitting here hating myself not being able to do anything.

I pray that something interesting falls from the sky soon, or I'll soon turn into dust.

I want to do more pixel art, but I love drawing too much.

This is the sister of the girl I was drawing and posting a lot.

Writing stories is so hard. I'm considering doing a comic with minimal story but the accent would be on the vibes and pictures. Would anyone even read that?

There could be some small hints of worldbuilding. Would that make it more interesting?

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I was frustrated because I couldn't use a brush pen, so I made a challenge for myself to use it exclusively during this month. It was so hard and it turned out that it made doing art less fun for me.

What I learned is that even though challenging myself is important, it isn't worth losing my will to draw because of it.

Does anybody have some similar experiences?

Figured I post something πŸ€”

She's judging me for not going to sleep

I hope everybody is having a very good day!

Finally getting back to doing some more art!

Here are some "warmup sketches" that took way too long.

Shes, a protagonist from the project im working on. I wanted to make some sketches of her in her casual wear, when she's not going out.

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I want to get better with colors, so i picked some that go well together and just did whatever, and this is what happened.

I'm definitely gonna do more of these, seems like a nice exercize.

Since I study philosophy and hang out with people who study sciences, I'm often in a position where I have to defend the validity of what I do and what I'm interested in.

It really gets to me sometimes..

ooh, I forgot about mastodon for a while. Having lots of exams have no time for art, rly frustrating...

My biggest regret is that I wasn't a skater at 15

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The theme of this piece from 2010, titled "Swimming in the Deep End", is the conscientious exploration of the depths; whether that be depth of self, or depth of a particular issue; sometimes the answers and meaning we're looking for can only be achieved by diving into the deep, into the dark, like that of the ocean. (Repost from old account.)

I really want to get to a point with my art, where I can just scribble random stuff and feel fulfilled.

Bonus points if the scribbles are really good and imaginative

Being tired r e a l l y sucks. There's nothing more frustreting than trying to be creative when your brain is barely holding itself together.

I dont recomend having exams -10/10

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