I’m getting better at taking care of myself and even putting myself before other things once in a while- it’s really difficult, but I think I’m working on things in the right direction. I might even have more time for art?! Umm?!

Someday I'll stop painting at ratios that look awful online, but it is not this day.

All inked up. I started color yesterday, it's stressing me out like whoa. ^^;;;

Color blocking video. I was holding my phone so this one is extra bad hahaha ughhhh~

Process video. I just ordered a tiny tripod so I can stop making these horrible videos haha. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Still working on this aggressive Naruto fanart. I never did any complete art back when I was super into it, I feel like I missed the boat- but oh well. My favo emo kid, Sasuke. I'm doubly over winter right now. Gonna ink this before doing some wash color. Been spotted my blacks for once.

Did some fanart of a friend's character because there is ALWAYS a time to make things super extra. (It's all the time.) He doesn't actually wear this. Hahahaaaa~

Still trying to get over being sick- here's what I managed for the past few days. It was tough to keep my body upright for long, so my production went out the window.

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