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Salmon of Doubt

New year painting. Been sick, so I loosened up a bunch.

Finished this one up. These last two paintings have shown the limitations of this particular paper, it's good to know! Doubled up on the Finetec so this one is mega shiny. ✨

@Emi_fry I grew up on needlessly large weapons. >_>

I stare mutely into the Abyss. After a while, it stares back, frowning.
I open my mouth.
"Oh! I'll get the Void."
I nod thanks. Wait for the Void.
Then I scream.
It takes it, smiles, and wave as I leave.
"We'll always be here for you," the Abyss calls.
I know. Thanks.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Started something new- trying to slowly merge my loose dynamic stuff with my ultra picky detail. Its a little tough haha~

Gotta do a couple fixes and touch ups, but I'm calling this basically done. Worked in primaries for once. Don't know if I'll repeat that haha.

Making my way through these pencils, not entirely satisfied, but doing okay. Got a bunch more to work on with it.

Finally aced this up! 🖤 C O R V U S 🖤 for a very good friend of mine. I'll comment with a closer pic, I work as bad sizes for my phone to take pix.

Gonna sling some watercolor onto this to finish it up. Whew.

Been oddly busy lately. Truckin along on this piece~

Been plugging away at this. I've been struggling with vertigo again since I came back from vacation (and while on it as well, woohoo)- which is frustrating and it makes working difficult. Hopefully I can finish this up sometime during the weekend- I'm ready to start something new!

I rarely do any CCS stuff, even though it's one of my favorites. But with Clear Card premiering, I figured I should. CLAMP has some of my favorite swords~

Doing some Vice Admiral Holdo fanart because I want to paint in purples, also because she's the best space aunt to go with our space mom. I tossed in a lot of non spoiler-y shapes. ❤

i'll maybe color this tomorrow :3c

Packing for trips is so beyond me:
"yeah packing light!"
*hastily stuffs all watercolors into bag*
"I have room for clothes!"
*stares at full bag of art supplies*

But the worst part is that I never use most of them while I'm on a trip.

I'm gonna try and pack just a waterbrush and that mini palette Allie made me to consolidate.

Quick part of my underpainting- I'm not at all set up for videos haha. 💦💦 What do other folks do to low-budget capture their process for traditional art?

"I'm more moved by beauty rather than by tragedy..." -Guillermo del Toro. Starting my new year off with this fish guy. 🖤 May your 2018 be prosperous, and your demons bring you the strength to persevere. Monsters come in many forms, may your eyes be open to all. Sending love and power from my home to yours. Happy new year.