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oops it's 4AM, time to go to bed 😶 here's a team rocket grunt sketch and two WIPs of my upcoming team rocket ocs, they're going to be a pair. The one on the left has a lot of layers with different clothing items; I'll make a breakdown when I finalise their designs haha

SVT: shows graphic image
SVT, *below* the image: warning, graphic images
me: thanks....

Poll time! Among those of you who have seen Ouran High School Host Club, AND enjoyed it, what is your gender? Pls boost, it's not for science, but I'm very curious 😆


New snap April 30th!
This will be so cool, I've never gotten to play the original pokemon snap :D

Hello fellow .Art-ists! 💖

We've had a influx of some new members, so let me take this as a moment to remind everyone that there's a Terms of Service and Code of Conduct page over at:

We want everyone to have an as safe and comfortable time as possible while sharing their art and viewing the art of others, so we would be grateful if you took a look at the rules (again) so we can continue having a good time with minimal stress for all parties! ✌️

Have a great day! ☀

One of my mutuals made a VR game where you do art restoration though finger painting 😆

Fingerpaint Art Restoration (VR)

Among Us OC, blood, gore 

Imposters win this round! Here's my murderous plant imposter Among Us OC, chowing down 🍴

It's not strange that it's happening, because it's not like I'm the first to work in this field, but it *is* funny that Sverok sent out a survey on how to support esport practitioners just as I'm working on an assignment on how to support women and non-binary people in esports

mildly suggestive tiefling, impractical footwear for adventuring 

aight can someone please invite me to a dnd campaign posthaste so that I can play this genderqueer tiefling dancer (idk if that's even a dnd class but if not I guess I'll have to m a k e i t ) ASAP???

job hunting 

haven't really had time/energy to work on portfolio during this education because everything takes so much time and energy, but during the summer at the latest I definitely need to get a portfolio in order so I can hopefully have a *good* job that pays enough lined up at the end of my bachelors at the latest (although if I get a good enough job I'd quit this programme right now), there's so much in Sweden that Just Doesn't Work if you don't have a full-time job for long enough :/

I'm so extremely PROUD of my Overwatch team, Tails of the North, for completing our coaching period with Female Legends, and for winning EVERY MATCH we played in the end-of-coaching tournament and therefore winning the tournament too! We really came together under our coach's guidance and played so well and I'm so excited to continue onwards with these awesome people 😭 💖 🎮

We won our first match! <3 The stream goes in Swedish, but it's part of Musikhjälpen, so if you can you should totally help donate for charity and watch :D

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