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inktober, vampire, blood 

Inktober 09 | Vampire

[The images show the same drawing of a grinning vampire with fangs dripping with blood from different angles to show off the glossy fake blood used to make the drawing]

I overworked it a bit but today's is done! Been helping my sister move so got to borrow her art supplies to draw uwu )9
@3__54 supplied the prompt "goat", and the goat is an adopt I got from @presolace 🥰 (but drawn without ref, so, yolo)

I finished the main game in . I still have the tea parties left for episode 8, but I'll take those after sleeping.

I realised I never posted this fanart since it went into the mermay zine ( ), but I don't think I can make a more fitting piece for it right now, and certainly not tonight. So, have this mermaid Beatrice.

Today's is also today's rpg session sketches, the first is Sima in a disguise cause we're like fugitives now kinda and the second is a disastrously shitty ship we accidentally created with the NPCs Honeydew and Lowe and I accidentally illustrated so now we accidentally hate it but it's also kind of good as a terrible aesthetic??

Umineko fanart: spoilers for characters appearing in Ch 5 & 7, plus vague reference to Ch 8 

So they laughed. Both Will and Dlanor laughed.

Hello artists! 🎨

Tomorrow begins Inktober, and while plenty of people have already written wonderful posts about this, remember:

However you choose to (not) participate is valid.

Can't draw traditionally? Digital ink is fine. Can't draw every day? Understandable, life gets in the way, and resting is also important. Hate drawing with ink but still wanna use the prompt list to join in? Do it!

Does Inktober stress you out? In your settings you can filter out hashtags or just the word. It's ok.

He didn't even do it for himself cause he's 100% the best at math in his class, he did it for his friends to be able to look at his shirt to cheat

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"I'm going to wear the math formulas on my clothes, they can confiscate bottles and rulers but they can't force me to strip!"

(But they could force him to put on a sweater and change into PE trousers.)

are there any goretober prompt lists out there that you can recommend?

Sverok lade precis ut ett föredrag om normkritiskt tänkande och representation i spel (och relaterat) med några av de jag träffade på Leia-helgen, riktigt coola personer allihop. Om du är kvinna och/eller icke-binär och överhuvudtaget intresserad av eller nyfiken om spel rekommenderar jag varmt att ni kollar in Leia. ♥


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