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Found a couple of pictures I took with a Digital Harinezumi in my flickr account. Here is one from September 2014.

day 10, a fact about an OC most people don't know. Gaius had self-image struggles growing up because of how his body changed with aging. 2nd pic is old and I thought I uploaded here but maybe not? whatever ahah

I think this is still the only full-body drawing of him I have, he's 9' long so that's... a pain to do haha

For this week's challenge, I made a rough map of my WIP game. I have no idea how close the actual game will be to this, but it was fun to try to put all the areas together in a way that makes some spatial sense.

10 colours.

More sketchs of my OC Yang ,he meet and travel with two kids in a world I'm creating(the text are in french sorry)

Smartphones aren't a luxury for many, they are an essential disability aid. Lots of techies and luddites alike don't understand this.

WHATS UP GAMERS its ya boy sisyphus here with rock pushing simulator episode 927473829, i think im gonna get it up the hill this ti

redraw! just 5 months later... i haven't been feeling too great about my art lately, but it's nice to see that at least some progress has been made

A piece of art I started a while ago and finished today, based on my Halloween outfit I had as an avatar in Love Nikki.

(deep breath) anyways everyone's getting into the fall spirit so how bout those fall lmao

I'll take better pics tomorrow but the drawing's complete
The moon is painted with my homemade silver watercolor
#art #mastoart

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