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Make it gay you cowards

There's also a bunch of his sketchbooks, and I'm happy to see that even van Gogh had a bunch of random empty pages in his sketchbooks

The Van Gogh Museum has digitalised and made available for download 986 of his paintings for non-commercial use! And there's contact information if you'd like to use it for commercial projects. A PDF with terms and conditions can be downloaded if you click the download button on a painting.

I've been doing some more ink and fountain pen stuff lately and having a lot of fun with it!

Gender transition (chest reconstruction) - info request, plz boost Show more

Highlights from !!! I've been slowly trying to revenge attack people, but the keyword there is SLOWWWLLY....

I'm Ellteo there too! I'm team Coffee >:3c

Now that I don't have to worry about my NDA when I share screenshots for #showoffhour...

Sardonia by Night, from the Tower Garden of #HeroU.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way! Thank you for your support!

Dolly is implemented as a functional NPC and there are THREE WHOLE MAPS to waltz around - all of the details are in this free & public post: 🌼🏞️🌼

Social media and empathy Show more

Social media and empathy Show more

Had a go at at a raindrop contour cow earlier, the scale was a bit large for me, couldn't keep my hands steady. Experimenting with splattered acrylic ink. Will try some smaller pieces tomorrow, hopefully will have more energy and less anxiety :)