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Yall remeber the whole metsona thing that was popping on twitter a while back? i did this portrait of my bf and i for it at the time! And as usual forgot to post it here so here we go

I rediscovered Lordi's Arockalypse album recently so I had to draw my Finnish murderhorse boi

Reshef is my Pokemon go trainer, Team Instinct. He's a big softie and loves to hang with his Pokemon. Often you'll find him with at least one or two Rattata crawling on his shoulders~. He doesn't need big fancy Pokemon, just ones he can be friends with.

I've got this and some other images on my Tumblr, and I was in debate before I decided to post it here and be human and share.

Preview of my work bench right now! None of these will be done until after I get back form my vacation later this month. Thinking on ideas of what to put on the Natural skulls... Maybe alchemy symbols this time! My heart is stolen by the Neon Black Light Crew though!

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Drawing for the latest Hopeless, Vendetta (which you can read here if you are so moved)

Finally finished Alistar! Oh a thing about her is that she is claustrophobic. She hate small spaces or really anything that blocks the sky view. She punches holes in the wall as a nervous tick and she loves doing it as well!

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