Demon halfling Yuuri! Join him on his journey.

you can speedrun but you can't speedhide

Just because a site looks from the 90s doesn't mean it has to act that way.

Who said you can't have both retro and a progressive web app with service worker caching and the modern web frameworks? :blobthonkang:

I didn't word this correctly.

Any one have any tips on shipping a desktop Mac from US to Europe?

Hearth vs Grammar

Hearth thinks of himself as a singular (and male) unit with each sub-division being merely a body-part, even though they appear as separate bodies, which makes grammar an interesting adventure.

Imagine heโ€™s talking about scraping his knee rather than the little man and the grammar should click

Also yes this means when the little woman is speaking as his voice, youโ€™d still say โ€œhe saidโ€

I'm so bad at feeding my social media lately, I barely keep my insta updated... sorry for everyone who came just for pics I guess?? But I love yall โค
So here's my latest production โค

watched a little bit of the other day and shit's the tits

Here's a painting of one of the plants in the courtyard of the building, out in the front. I don't know what it is but I took a picture then sketched it out in CSP, painted in photoshop. It's no longer blooming now

Like most of the work w/this char is theyre gonna send so many random selfies

Trying something different with the design of my space lizards.
Going for something who looks like "ancient tech" with this one!

I know that games as an industry has trained their attentive public to care primarily about the product and not the workers but it still rankles me to see people mourning the loss of future games and not the abysmal reports of worker treatment in the Telltale closure

they live under the surface of frozen lakes and ponds, waiting for the warmer months to evolve!

More from Lundarreykjardalur. The horse in the foreground is scratching its face. The foal in the background looks perplexed.

#blackandwhite #MastoArt #art #photography #photo #iceland

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