The screenprinted postcard for this month!
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Hey, community!
I was wondering, how'd you guys feel of a Mastodon-Based ? Like, the one where you draw something for someone else~
I'd volunteer to collect names and make sure everybody gets their thing and stuff.
Anybody interested?
(And if you're wondering who is this random bloke suggesting something like that, I originally created the and have been on this instance since the very beginning)

I'd be into it~ I can't offer to help with organisation rn tho but I'll help boost things πŸ‘Œ haha

a tabletop RPG character I'm hopefully gonna play soon...she's a giant weenie bitch and I'm excited to try and flounder through roleplaying that

So Nazi/Rape/Pedo accts are simply an unbeatable problem WE gotta deal w but FApple kicks you off the playground and suddenly you’re murking every acct on THEIR Naughty List🀨?

batch number 2 of the commissions! I had a lot of fun with the interference paint on the second one (you can only see it from certain angles) and it felt sooooo good to draw again! And then medic, my fave...

i've been into repainting my old artwork recently. makes me feel slightly better about my art.

Asylum court case victory! Show more

You: hey, why do you want to go dancing so often lately?
Me: oh no reason haha it's just fun I guess
*surreptitiously looks down at phone*
Your Charmeleon has found 21 candies!!

Me: nice

~ hello internet,
please enjoy my latest github commit...
Now you can easily attract flies to your website using javascript!
* supports flies for all types of websites
* flies play an important role in the web ecosystem!
live demo:

and bc u know i'm gay, SMOOCHES that happen so, so much later on KJFHGSLKFJHGSD

rejected titles for "haunting of hill house" Show more

rejected titles for "haunting of hill house" Show more

For this year I took ink commissions at special prices :> Here's the first set

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