WinterBliss requested it be converted to transparency, and commissioned a second character!

Cookie fans, I've been neglecting you. #cat

That means you have to boost my art.
I'm 21 now. Oh god.

i got some more of shae’s new fates portrait done tonight

gotta finish shading and then do some expressions still

Day 20: Urn Plant

This one I didn't like that much, that's why there's a knife there this time (no, I didn't end up cutting it to pieces even if I felt like it at the time).

I drew my son. I uhhh....tend to really get lazy on the details when I draw him but this is kinda what he's supposed to look like I'm pretty sure.

I go back and forth on whether or not he should have eland or oryx horns but he Definitely has spooky pupils.

i have opened registration on for all friendly anticapitalists, vegetarian/vegans, queer people, or anyone in the immediate orbit of these topics. boost appreciated. #mastadmin #fediverse #vegan #instanceadmin

"This is a true-to-life scale painting of my paternal grandmother."

Digitally messed up photo of Northumberland Street.

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