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Make it gay you cowards

so your smart toaster will federate with your smart tv, etc.

//I always dreamed of being stationed here. //

The pre-order period for Rocket Queen is over, so we’ve been given permission to post our final complete pieces :) Thank you everyone for making the zine a success!

Metal prints for sale soon. I wish you could see it in real life, it's so vibrant and wonderful.

realized you could make a sort of markov chain text generator using concatenated word vectors instead of the tokens themselves, which has the benefit of being able to cope pretty well with out-of-vocab strings. anyway, here's word-vector-markov Jane Austen elaborating on what the Internet is

Kuri Kuri Kuri Kuri also known as Czukuri The Insane and Fryderyk , Righteous Heir.
I made them both for art fight but i have to finish refs tho

Had some free time on the evening yesterday, so have this forest cat.

new release, rhythmic industrial. I mostly don't do angry musick but here we are.

working title for this album was "antiterf". so yeah, that's like the general theme, it grew beyond that a bit though.

free until I release something new.

"Indestructible And Flawlessly Lacerated With Our Backs Against God"

cw for terf mentions and violent song titles

doll nudity in pic

id like 2 thank god 4 monsters 🙏

✨🎉 IT'S LIVE! Agents of the Realm Volumes 2 and Volume 1 Reprint is officially up on Kickstarter! 🎉✨

Big FLOSS-creation update today boys!

Still more work to be done as currently most of the pages are just lists of software, I'm planning to have more information and stuff in the future. But for now it should be sufficient.

If you don't know what it is: FLOSS-Creation is a resource for creators making art, videos and music with free, libre & open-source software.

Make sure to support me on Patreon if you like the work I do! 😁

dialpunk where all tech is still based around audio communication over phone networks. the most proficient hackers aren't taught code, but pitch-perfect whistling

Ai~ ❤️❤️
Felt like trying a different painting method and I think it came out rly well 😍

my fav colors... can u guess them...?