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Hey fediverse this is a long shot but does anyone here have a kantele VST that *isn't* made for Kontakt 6 (or whatever version of it)?


Female Legends is starting "Send Nudes", a project about online harassment and helping especially young people identify what is a crime with regards to harassment in games. There's a summary in English and an email address to contact if you're interested in the project. It will most likely be from a Swedish perspective overall. femalelegends.com/send-nudes

I've written up a summary of my situation, notably streams will be paused while I return to Luxembourg, although I might still stream something while I'm there.

No stream today, I'm still working on trying to figure out what went wrong on Saturday and also if I should change the schedule a bit.

Corona in Finland: requesting information 

I'm having slight issues with my computer and I think it's because Win10 wants me to install an update so I'm going to try to do that and hope it stops messing with me. It shouldn't take much time at all, but if I'm late keep an eye on this channel, I'll update if it seems like things will take too long to start the stream!

I want this machine
I want all rhythm games on the planet, especially if they come with cool machines
Come on Europe, make rhythm game arcades

My meme video didn't go on to finals but since I already made it and my soundcloud hasn't been updated in 5ever the track is up now lol

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