this is what Omen looked like when he was younger!!
Tiff liked him a lot ;w; she is baby.... (Tiff is @sempervirart 's OC!)

If anyone was wondering about riding a unicycle along Monsal Trail in the Peak District, I definitely recommend it. Views for daays

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Female Legends's Community Tournament is going! so if y'all wanna support women in esports this is somewhere to start πŸ‘

Oh yeah, I drew this stupid thing a while ago. The Gnome king Gnot

background process: slap more shit on there babey

Hey all! Now that GDC is past, I'm lining up freelance work for the rest of spring.✨ My experience includes:
- card games
- visual novels
- 2D assets for games that aren't VNs
- Live2D animation
Contact: meagantrott (at) gmail

More ESO fanart because I Cannot Be Trusted (yes this is all I've been drawing lately, shhh)

Arteza paper! Suprisingly good for wood-pulp paper at the price! Got three of those 5x8 ring bound books for like Β£18!

Emergency commissions!
My cat was attacked a while back by my neighbor's dog. They were given the medical bills, of course (300$), but they decided they would rather not pitch in. I can't really do anything about it at this point. Between this and my pitiful amount of work hours, my account overdrawn. I turn 21 tomorrow!! 😭
If you could boost, it would help a ton. If you tip me a dollar through the site, I'll dedicate a quick sketch to you as well. Just pm me about it.

if you're into #StardewValley or just want a smaller instance to reside on

feel free to check us out :)

here is out COC:

#StardewCity is founded on the idea of #kindfulness that i made up:

here is how you can sign up:

And this would be my character, I'm not sure what he is, but these are some of its features:

- former slave
- scout
- good with: bow, lance, knives
- stealthy/not people person - due to easily understandable circumstances :)


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