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Make it gay you cowards

πŸ“Œ Cw for safety pin as piercing through lip

Game designer on a mission for change

Sadia was mesmerised by computer graphics and now designs games, an unlikely career in Pakistan.

Je ne parle pas français
Aber bitte red weiter

🎡 : Je ne parle pas français - Namika

Thank you @adamk678 for introducing me to Stylish my mastodon is now Splatoon themed and I'm happy :tialove:
(Disclaimer: I've only ever played Splatoon once in my life but I love the aesthetics of it :joy: )
Eventually I'll make my own theme with wider columns too but for now I'm happy with just a more colourful page β™₯️
Sorry for repost, figures I'd forget the image the first time πŸ™„

Finished the lineart for this sketch based on my Love Nikki competition entry for this week u7u

Sketch jam today! Friend suggested I draw a cloud β€’ u β€’ )

I feel like it's been five hundred years since I drew anything

"The surprising pattern behind color names around the world"
"Why so many languages invented words for colors in the same order."

I rediscovered Lordi's Arockalypse album recently so I had to draw my Finnish murderhorse boi

The Get it while it's hot (outside) sales are live~ From now until the end of August you can get my
2017 digital sketchbook and a photobook featuring photos from Luxembourg for FREE πŸŽ‰

Please remember to only keep your mermaid in the HABITAT LITE for limited amounts of time, as they require ample space to exercise and grow. Suggested use is for temporary containment during cleaning of your main HABITAT, or to separate potentially food agressive mermaids during feeding. Promptly return your mermaid to the main HABITAT upon having completed necessary tasks.

got a headache so this is all for tonight's since the prompt was sea slugs

Today's theme was gold... is it inktober yet? 🌚