Kosmas BNHA AU; it's not nude but it's very form fitting 

Kosmas in the BNHA universe except they're in university. Kosmas' quirk is that other people are lucky when they hold his hand, so his outfit is mostly cute but with added speed boost wings so that he can run if he ends up in a dangerous situation. His hero name is Lucky Bunny because that was his nickname since he was a toddler and his friends made him keep it. 🍀

covid mask accessory; pandemic; selfie with no eye contact 

Made myself a new mask strap! It's not super convenient in winter with all layers, but with how Sweden is treating this pandemic I fully expect it to still be relevant in the summer 🤷 and if by some miracle it's not, I've already tested and the clasps I use can be attached to my glasses too

used my lunch to paint my nails and put stickers on them, let's see how long it takes before I get annoyed by the stars 🤩

Finally got all my handmade planner stickers ready: stars, moons and week/date stickers! (the butterfly, memo pad and flowers are not mine.)
I'm using the moon stickers to mark out the full moons of the year, and the stars to mark which activities have been completed u7u

Did my first solo streaming session on SverokTV's Twitch channel today, and I sketched my upcoming facetracking avatar, doodled some among us beans and drew this Miku 😁

No jacket and coat!

(Made catcher's satchel overlap a bit weirdly so that it's easier to see for me, don't worry about it > w > )

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Got my team rocket ocs designed 😁 Outfit breakdown in thread.

They're a pair in the sense that they're a scientist and a catcher that work together. Outwardly they appear mostly like they don't really care for each other, but it's mostly because they've known each other so long that they don't really have to speak much to communicate, and keep things short and clear for work... except when scientist tell bad jokes which catcher promptly ignores.

oops it's 4AM, time to go to bed 😶 here's a team rocket grunt sketch and two WIPs of my upcoming team rocket ocs, they're going to be a pair. The one on the left has a lot of layers with different clothing items; I'll make a breakdown when I finalise their designs haha

Among Us OC, blood, gore 

Imposters win this round! Here's my murderous plant imposter Among Us OC, chowing down 🍴

mildly suggestive tiefling, impractical footwear for adventuring 

aight can someone please invite me to a dnd campaign posthaste so that I can play this genderqueer tiefling dancer (idk if that's even a dnd class but if not I guess I'll have to m a k e i t ) ASAP???

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