Made holographic foil bookmarks! I found some really nice card stock which looks mostly white in natural light but shimmers a bit 😊 I'm hoping I can offer them as patreon rewards once I get enough pledges that I can start sending out physical rewards!

Video of light coming though at different angles:

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Had really fun coming up with ways to incorporate my oc *and* a flock of sheep while still showcasing the outfit I designed for him 😊

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From our pokemon tabletop RPG, Lilja becomes one of The Chosen Ones when the king's bird drops a flower crown on her

My oc for a Pokemon Tabletop RPG campaign! The campaign is set in a medieval Europe type of setting, so each character only gets one pokemon companion because there are no pokeballs. My character Lilja is a Musician class trainer and has a Swablu πŸ’–

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Might have gone a bit overboard with filters... or maybe not enough πŸ‘€

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Happy Friend Day!

In Finland we say happy friend day (in Fennoswedish) instead of Valentine's Day. Remember that love for friends, family and yourself is just as important as romantic love, and it's worth celebrating too πŸ’–

Been playing a lot of Atelier Totori lately hoping to at least achieve the normal end, but I think I'm going to fail again... πŸ˜‚ But at least my alchemist daughter is adorable, and I'm really looking forward to Atelier Lulua in May πŸ’–

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