I read some Moira trivia.

1: After some events, the only one who would hire Moira was Doomfist.
2: Moira likes art.
3: Moira likes dressing up.
4: Moira does the Naruto run.


A piece of art I started a while ago and finished today, based on my Halloween outfit I had as an avatar in Love Nikki.

A digital zine of my best, non-fanart inktober drawings is available as a pay-what-you-want download! πŸ‘»

I should have included the last paragraph too πŸ˜‚ cw for accidentally (?) lewd badly translated product description

Automatically translated amazon product descriptions give me life πŸ˜‚

baseless joke speculation comic about new overwatch character Show more

sketches of newly released overwatch character Show more

Inktober/Goretober 31: Aftermath. CW: Blood. Show more

Inktober/Goretober 30: Til Death Do Us Part

Corpse Bride fanart! Ish. I don't feel it looks much like her but I wanted to try to do it in a not Tim Burton-y style.

Only one day left now!

You're all cordially invited to my Halloween Stream!
October 31st, 18:00 CET.
Starting off with The Watson-Scott test, following up with Pony Island and rounding off with Trivia Murder Party, we're in for a spoopy night!
I'll be posting when I start a game so you can skip anything you want to avoid, TW-ST has jumpscares, for example.

My Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/emergencybattle
Countdown to event start:

Inktober/Goretober 29: Sewn Together. CW: two people literally sewn together by the lips but it's like consensual? Show more

Today's inktober is just cute because I didn't feel tonight's prompt! Drew lineart by hand and then scanned and coloured and covered in sparkles because wow I have not used sparkles in so long and I'm starting to forget who I am!!

Inktober/Goretober 26: Dinner is Served. CW: Blood. Fanart of Albedo from Overlord. Show more

Inktober/Goretober: Dental. CW: teeth falling out. Lots of teeth. Show more

Inktober/Goretober: Amputation. CW: explosion, leg torn off. Junkrat from Overwatch fanart. Show more

Inktober/Goretober 23: Gouge it out. CW: Blood. Umineko fanart. Show more

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