So people who run single-user instances

I've been lowkey thinking about starting one for my future company, since business accounts don't really belong on .Art, but like how much would you estimate I would need? I have a space at a web hotel that I'm currently hosting my portfolio website at, but it only uses like 1% of the space I have. Would it be possible or even desireable to host everything on there??

uhh ?? :boost_ok:

@EmergencyBattle I rent a low-end VPS from OVH and I'm running a Pleroma instance from there.

I do have decent technical skills (developer by trade) and rough sysadmin skills, which makes it kinda okay-ish to manage even if I'm looking into ways to make it easier at the moment.

For a while I was even running it from my home NAS, but my bandwith is pretty terrible so it was a bit annoying.

@EmergencyBattle mastodon servers can’t be hosted on pure file/web-hosting sites. They require direct access to a Linux server environment, which means you need either a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server. For a single user instance I’ve heard that about 50GB disk may be enough for a few years. Most of the space is taken up by federated content, not local content from you, so it’ll take up space much faster than you post. You’d also want some Linux experience.

@EmergencyBattle Jortage is an instance media deduplication proxy intended to mostly solve the issue of massive storage requirements for instances, and is Pay-what-you-can.
There’s also a similar fediverse hosting platform that isn’t masto dot host but is somewhat more ethical IIRC.

@EmergencyBattle you'd need to have access to the command line to install and run Mastodon, which I don't think most web hotels provide?

Other than that you'd need to regularly clean up external media or have 100+ GB available if you want it to work for more than a year - depending on how many people you interact with.

CPU and memory wise I don't really know what is needed. I run mine on a VPS provided by my employer, so I'm not clear on the details. I'd guess 4GB ram is plenty.

@Emilia, but 😈 @Sophie Both Zap and Hubzilla run in shared hosting environments for moderate personal or family usage. This site is on a shared host.

@continuum @EmergencyBattle what the hell client are you using that puts username not handle as @‘mention text? Confused me

@Sophie @Emilia, but 😈

I'm currently using Zap, which is built on nomadic identity. Your name is who you are. Your handle or webfinger address is a machine identifier or location. I'm tagging you, not your location - as you could have several linked locations. There is only one you.
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