Global Game Jam 2019 (Jan 25-27) sites are starting to pop up now, and the Malmö site has opened! If you like games you should check out GGJ, even if you've never made games before it's always fun to hang out and learn, and teams always need people who can make art, music, voice act, write, and more! On many sites they accept both digital and board games!

Malmö site:


Also I can't speak for other sites, but I know the people running the Malmö site personally and they're good eggs. This year they're also supported by Game Habitat, so it should be good 👌

Also, my GGJ profile with past projects if anyone's curious!
Roles I've had throughout my GGJ career: 2D artist, Voice Actor, Sound Designer, Character Designer, Writer, Supporting Level Designer, Collaborative Concept Creator, USB Master, and "Oh Shit We Have A Lot Of Code That Needs To Be Copied And Pasted To Do A Thing We Don't Have Time To Figure Out An Automated Solution To Can Someone Do That"-er

Also, if you're concerned that you might not be able to make high quality stuff, rest assured that GGJ games are never full games that could be released to the public and everything is always broken ;9
Last year, for example, I wrote a super long story script which we all voice acted but because of bugs that made it so we couldn't start the audio none of it was ever heard! 💃
Cons: all my hard work was never seen by anyone playing
Pros: all my hard work was never seen by anyone playing

@EmergencyBattle why must you tempt me to do things I have 0 experience doing BTJTBVS 😂

@Ellteo DO IT 💖 no one is born with game jam experience hahah ;D

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