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Want to support me, my art, or the other work I do? Below is commission information (art, translation, UX), as well as three places to donate money to me, either regularly or as a one-time donation. :boost_ok: :heart_sp_pan:

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I made an AR book! 👏
You can download it as a PDF and print it and assemble it yourself and use the app to look at the character animations in your own home (if the app works for you... 😅 ) or you can look at the video I made to get an idea of what is happening! 💃
I'm also super proud of how I bound the exhibition book of this, it turned out really well despite not having had the time to send it to print.

I did a DTIYS based on a drawing by keitokun on artfol ´ 7 ` )a I'm starting to feel more at home with the tablet so apart from classwork, my next project will be the sketch commission for a friend 💖

Got into the Soundtrack for Twitch Beta, and it looks like it could be a pretty neat way to make sure your soundtrack won't get you into trouble on Twitch but it also currently doesn't let you make your own playlists, which??? hello???

first test of my new tablet! Even if I went for an affordable model it's like twice as large as my ol dead wacom bamboo, and this one has buttons?? outrageous. changing my workflow and getting used to moving my hand this much is going to take a moment, but I'm happy, it feels a bit like I've been drawing with a stick in the sand all this time and someone finally gave me a pencil and paper 😂

My tablet is most likely dead and I need to replace it, I'm considering a HS611 as it feels like a good format and price range for the moment. Is there anything about Huion tablets I should look out for or think about? I use Windows, so the issues with Mac/iOS I see reported some places aren't relevant. I mostly use Clip Studio Paint to draw, and sometimes the Affinity suite, but I'm more concerned with it playing nice with CSP, I can do Affinity work with a mouse in a pinch.

Hey! Our guild in is looking for new support players! We have a couple of people who are playing close to daily but we've had a few people quitting, so we're looking for new people to help us keep going 💪 NA/EU server, our guild is currently B rank because we've lost a bunch without active members but we've been all the way up to S rank, so we probably don't suck 😆 feel free to message me with questions or if you wanna join!

Man I'm so hyped for Book of Travels, and I'm so sad that I couldn't back the kickstarter 😂

you'd think people who keep pushing "user-centered design" would care about the users, aka people, but in many cases you would be wrong

Video of me testing my prototype for a job interview practice app. Sorry about the very limited editing, this video is not intended to sell the concept, just document the current state of the prototype 😅 Enjoy my video of myself interviewing me 😆

good thing horror game antagonists never check human-sized lockers

really hate that discord gives you notifications for when people you have blocked post something, why on earth would you do that

Inspired by a scene from a roleplay I have done with @3__54 and this cover of 蜜月アン・ドゥ・トロワ:

I've been working on it for at least two months so today I sat down and decided that no matter how it turns out I'll finish it. And I did.

pegasus anthro design; cw: mildly suggestive, half-naked man 

Had fun drawing with @3__54 , made a pegasus Kosmas... A Pegakos, if you will

Highlight reel from the Cat Collective Community Cup!
We get my sleep darts in here! And we also get thoroughly crushed xD

Very niche thing to be excited about but: trying out ProtoPie and they have an action option that is to *return to the previous screen* which means I can actually make functioning back buttons!!!!

You know what I'd really love in both prototyping tools and in HTML and CSS and stuff? I'd love to be able to set an image to lie on top of everything, but to *not* block things underneath that need to be clickable. thx

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