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Want to support me, my art, or the other work I do? Below is commission information (art, translation, UX), as well as three places to donate money to me, either regularly or as a one-time donation. :boost_ok: :heart_sp_pan:

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I've written up a summary of my situation, notably streams will be paused while I return to Luxembourg, although I might still stream something while I'm there.

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I made an AR book! 👏
You can download it as a PDF and print it and assemble it yourself and use the app to look at the character animations in your own home (if the app works for you... 😅 ) or you can look at the video I made to get an idea of what is happening! 💃
I'm also super proud of how I bound the exhibition book of this, it turned out really well despite not having had the time to send it to print.

Anti-racist demonstration outside the US Embassy in tomorrow, Friday the 5th at 14:00
(link in French)

[Mermaid nudity, Dark imagery] Mermay 30: Fig 

Last one! :D Onwards to June!

Mermay 29: Plum

Thanks to @3__54 for suggesting Mirabelle plums, from which I picked the colours (and then covered everything with three layers of sparkle and glitter)

A Fruits Basket joke I made 

I also have a headcanon that at least on one occasion Hatsuharu would have called for a herd of cows to get out of a test he hadn't studied for

"test delayed because of bovine intervention"

Mermay 25: Coconut
The so called "Coconut Merfolk" gather the fibres off of coconuts and spin it into a protective cocoon around them.

Crypton just announced "Project G" with the tagline "やがて世界はQから先へ" which from my quick attempt to translate seems to mean something akin to "Soon the world will move on from Q to the future" I wonder if "Q" stands for Quarantine?

someone in the video comments on YT pointed out that the company INSPIX is involved that seems to make live performances for remote viewing, so chances are we're getting a virtual Miku concert in September 👀

Hey all!
I'm trying to generate some ideas for helpful solutions around the home for my class assignment, but for solutions I need some problems 🤔
What are currently some issues/annoyances you have regarding housework? Doesn't matter how big or small!

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