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Want to support me, my art, or the other work I do? Below is commission information (art, translation, UX), as well as three places to donate money to me, either regularly or as a one-time donation. :boost_ok: :heart_sp_pan:

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I've written up a summary of my situation, notably streams will be paused while I return to Luxembourg, although I might still stream something while I'm there.

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I made an AR book! 👏
You can download it as a PDF and print it and assemble it yourself and use the app to look at the character animations in your own home (if the app works for you... 😅 ) or you can look at the video I made to get an idea of what is happening! 💃
I'm also super proud of how I bound the exhibition book of this, it turned out really well despite not having had the time to send it to print.

vän: jag fick lacrosse-Roadhog!
jag: han la-krossar
vän: du är inte rolig 😂

Valkyria Legacies, my overwatch team, is streaming our training today! Our coach will be giving us some pointers. We'll be starting soon!

Påminnelse om att Helpful Pixels söker streamers!

Mellan den 21:a och 23:e augusti streamar Helpful Pixels spel och annat roligt på Twitch för att samla in pengar till välgörenhetsorganisationen WaterAid Sverige. Nu söker vi er som vill ta en slot under helgen och streama för välgörenhet.

Här hittar du anmälan och all information för dig som vill streama under eventet:

Press Start to Give! <3
Kram från Helpful Pixels arrangörer!

covid-19 in Sweden 

and people are like "the state epidemiologist said things are fine tho" but the state epidemiologist also admitted that Sweden's lax attitude and lack of action killed so many elderly people in retirement homes because no directions and resources were given to keep them safe!!! people have died and are dying!!! wearing masks might not have saved everyone, but it would have been and still is a cheap price to pay to potentially save a lot of lives!!! I'm pissed!!!

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covid-19 in Sweden 

and all the scientists and health workers are like "there will be a second wave and we should try to prevent it" but no one listens

I want to be wrong but I'm scared of what a second wave this autumn will mean

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covid-19 in Sweden 

it breaks my heart every time I see old ladies wearing face masks because I can count on one hand the amount of young people I've seen wearing them and since face masks primarily protects others from anything the wearer might carry it means that these old ladies who are part of a risk group are among the only ones helping to protect society from covid-19 instead of society protecting other risk groups

(In Swedish because I'm looking for mods for a Swedish charity stream, boost = 💖 !)

Hej, tänkte bara nå ut och kolla ifall det skulle finnas någon här som skulle vara intresserad att hjälpa till och moderera Helpful Pixel's välgörenhets-stream 21-23 Augusti? (Inte hela den perioden på en gång, förstås ;) ) Om ni är intresserade eller har frågor, DM:a mig!

selfie, but only eye contact with a plank that looks like it has a face 

home improvement or self improvement?

Guinea-Wingies Adoptables out now! 💖
For $25 you can also have a unique, flying guinea-pig!


There's only one of each, so don't miss your shot to get an adorable friend!

-pig -wingies

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