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My Patreon page is live now!

There's already one drawing up in early access for Patreons, and one is scheduled for tomorrow. From here on out, things I post will appear there first! ✨

I've marked the page NSFW so that I can post any images with nudity I might make in the future, but that also means my page won't show up in searches on Patreon, so I would greatly appreciate it if you boosted this toot or shared it with people. πŸ’–

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Do you want art, a critical eye and suggestions for improvement for your projects, or a poem? I've got you covered! πŸ’ƒ Check out the document below for details. Feel free to @ me any questions, or send them to with the title [Commission Inquiry]

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I'm on Liberapay now! If you'd like to support my work you can set up a monthly donation here:
Even the tiniest token will be much lovedπŸ’– and if that's not possible for you that's ok! u7u)9

If you'd rather make a one-time donation or buy something I make, take a look at:
You can find both games/apps, illustrations and a bit of photography!πŸŽ‰
And most of it is pay what you want, so you can get most of it for free too ;)

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I made an AR book! πŸ‘
You can download it as a PDF and print it and assemble it yourself and use the app to look at the character animations in your own home (if the app works for you... πŸ˜… ) or you can look at the video I made to get an idea of what is happening! πŸ’ƒ
I'm also super proud of how I bound the exhibition book of this, it turned out really well despite not having had the time to send it to print.

Doing some more VR sketching in Quill. Given my limited time, I'm having fun doing simpler things.

Tomatoes πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… !!! I'll be selling this as a print at POPCON2019 (MY)

sometimes it's just nice to paint a self portrait and then put a cat tail on it

What magic is afforded to she who loves again,
after the blush of youth leaves her exhausted.
To pick up ones heart
Like a tired child and square ones shoulder.
Just a while longer,
we go,
just a bit further.

Some general .Art rule reminders!

1) Please be mindful of others and don't flood the local timeline! If you want to post a lot at once, consider making a thread with the rest of the posts unlisted.
2) Nudity needs to be under a cw.

All rules can be found here in full:

Did I mention I still have ✨ Secret Bonus Rewards✨ to give out on my ?

The next 6 (six!) folks who join at any tier will get a unique reward!

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