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My Patreon page is live now!

There's already one drawing up in early access for Patreons, and one is scheduled for tomorrow. From here on out, things I post will appear there first! ✨

I've marked the page NSFW so that I can post any images with nudity I might make in the future, but that also means my page won't show up in searches on Patreon, so I would greatly appreciate it if you boosted this toot or shared it with people. πŸ’–

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I made an AR book! πŸ‘
You can download it as a PDF and print it and assemble it yourself and use the app to look at the character animations in your own home (if the app works for you... πŸ˜… ) or you can look at the video I made to get an idea of what is happening! πŸ’ƒ
I'm also super proud of how I bound the exhibition book of this, it turned out really well despite not having had the time to send it to print.

some smoochy sketches from earlier of Kos and the beefs :heart_sp_pride:
Ethan and Desi belong to @3__54

19 Inktober | Maleficent-sona
We're sitting at a cafΓ© waiting for it to be time to go watch the new Maleficent πŸ‘€

This time I'm gonna brag openly on main 'cause I got a sixtuple kill as Sym in Overwatch 😎

Inktober 18 | limits
a bit late because things happened, but it's still the 18th in some parts of the world 😎

Inktober 17 | Poison/Grass type Chikorita
Revisiting my Poison variant Chikorita 😁

I hear it in the early morning
early morning
far away
a silent warning
silent warning

Inktober 15 | Happy Birthday, Bunny πŸ’–
Today's my friend Bunny's birthday, so I drew... a bunny πŸ‡

Inktober 13 | *come here emote*
I played so well as Moira today I have to celebrate it by drawing her ; w ; )

Inktober 12 | ε„ͺγ—γγ•γ‚ŒγŸγ„γ€‚
rev made a cover of Hug and this song is my jam so had to draw mine and @3__54's OCs for it, it's law

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